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Maxime Bernier tours southern Alberta

By Lethbridge Herald on July 26, 2021.

Herald photo by Dale Woodard Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada, speaks at a rally Sunday afternoon at Henderson Lake.

Dale Woodard
Lethbridge Herald
Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, took a tour of southern Alberta Sunday afternoon to spread the word about his party.
That included a stop in Lethbridge at Henderson Lake where a few dozen supporters gathered to hear Bernier speak on the party’s platform. And should there be an election in the fall, Bernier said his party, formed in September 2018, will be ready to go.
Bernier, who also had stops in Taber and Medicine Hat Sunday, was pleased with the turnout.
“We had a lot of people here today and my goal is just to speak with them and answer their questions and have an opportunity to speak about our platform. We are the only federal party that is against these draconian lockdowns, for freedom of choice for the vaccine. I think it’s important and I told them we must fight for all freedom and we will do that. I’m very pleased we had a lot of people who were interested in our message.”
The myriad of topics ranged from speaking against the lockdowns, freedom of choice against the COVID vaccinations, opposition to vaccine passports, opposition to the Paris Accord and the carbon tax, ending mass immigration — instead limiting the number to 150,000 skilled immigrants each year — and the opposition of Bill C-36, amending the Criminal Code of Canada to identify Internet hate speech.
“The main concern is people understand this country is going in the wrong direction and I believe they want to have a principled leader that will tell the truth and facts,” said Bernier. “That’s what I’m doing and I think we’ll have more and more support on every issue. We can speak about pipelines and an equalization formula that is unfair. So I think they appreciate we have a safe platform that will be sure we’ll have a smaller government that will respect our freedoms and won’t interfere with provincial jurisdiction.”
If an election is called in the fall, Bernier, a former member of the Conservative party, said the PPC will be ready to accept the challenge.
Last election, the PPC had 1.6 per cent of the vote and Bernier believes that number can grow.
“We have more than 175 candidates across the country and we’ll have a full slate of candidates before the first of September. So every Canadian will have the opportunity to vote for the PPC and to vote for their values.”
Asked what his top priorities are going forward, Bernier cited ending mass immigration as well as repealing legislation the Trudeau Liberal government passes against free speech.
“Also at the same time, stop giving incentives to provinces to do these lockdowns because I believe next fall they will come again with these lockdowns and they are able to do that because the federal government is there to finance their economic cause. We’ll have a lot of work to do, but everything I’m saying is doable by the federal government and under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Also, (we’ll) be sure to go forward with the construction of pipelines in this country.”
With his stop in southern Alberta, Bernier is confident his party’s word is getting out.
“The most important thing was to take time here to answer their questions and I want these people to go back home and to know more about the PPC and to be able to expand our platform to their families and friends, and I think I achieved that goal.”
On hand for Sunday’s rally was Kimmie Hovan, the Lethbridge riding candidate for the PPC Party of Canada.
After hearing of the party Hovan said she did some research.
“I fell in love with the party and platform and just their voice in itself,” she said. “After Trudeau was elected yet again I was sad. So I decided last March to be in contact with the local PPC and asked them how to get involved. I started the process of doing the candidate route of things. It’s a new thing for me and I’m excited for the challenge to learn and excited to have a voice for those around us.”
Hovan said speaking the truth is what the PPC is about.
“It’s about having a voice and standing up for what is right and being a real person. I’m a mother of three, I run a small business here in Lethbridge and I can connect and understand with what as Canadian citizens we go through on a small level. It’s a new voice and someone who can change and grow and is willing to sit down and listen to those around us.
“My goal is to spread the word for the PPC and for people to understand there is another voice that is out there to express freedom of our rights and to stand up for those who feel they don’t have a voice.”
Hovan can be followed on Twitter at @hovan_k and on Facebook at Kimmie Hovan – Candidate for PPC Southern Alberta, Lethbridge Riding.
The People’s Party of Canada’s website is http://www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca.
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It’s about being a narrow minded, gullible fool who believes in that self interest has primacy over the good of all.
Please spare us from the divisive, and mostly untruthful rhetoric of the conspiratorial Right. Which has nearly destroyed our southern neighbour.
People like monsieur Bernier would like nothing better than for enough people to believe them, and vote for them.
And why? Because Despotism is their endgame.
Bad enough we have fools like Kenney to deal with. Without Maxime selling his special brand of lunacy.