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Miyashiro looking to run for NDP in Lethbridge-East

By Al Beeber on August 24, 2021.

Rob Miyashiro

LETHBRIDGE HERALDabeeber@lethbridgeherald.com

Outgoing city councillor Rob Miyashiro has announced his intention to seek the NDP candidacy in Lethbridge-East in the next provincial election.
Miyashiro launched his bid to carry the NDP colours at the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization on Monday.
A two-term city councillor, Miyashiro is currently executive director of the LCSO and says he has spent his entire career working to improve lives.
In 2013 when Miyashiro announced his council candidacy, “there wasn’t anybody like me at the time running for office, someone with my background, someone with my long community service experience. And at that time, I was very happy that I did. And in two terms, I think I’ve accomplished a lot. And the things I wanted to accomplish personally,” he said Monday.
“When Mayor Spearman announced he wasn’t running, he asked me if I was going to run for council and I said no I wasn’t running for council. I didn’t say I wasn’t going to run for mayor and I’m not running for mayor.
“The other thing we have going on right now is a federal election. There are some parties that aren’t represented in the Lethbridge constituency and there are some things I think we need to talk about…but I’m not running federally either.”
He said he has numerous reasons for seeking the Lethbridge East nomination in a seat currently held by Nathan Neudorf of the UCP.
“The one thing is that being a municipal councillor and being in the work that I do, a lot of things that I do in my life are affected by provincial government decisions and some of those decisions that have been made in the past couple of years I think have really negatively impacted on our municipality and some of the work I do in the seniors centre, as well.”
While not everything the UCP has done is negative, Miyashiro said, “I can fully support Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP and what they’re trying to do for our province.
When the NDP was elected in 2015, “I was very impressed by the way that they wanted to work with all sectors, especially to diversify our economy. Also I was impressed by the way they were looking at a way to diversity away from oil and gas” while still supporting those industries “as best they could,” he said.
During COVID, Miyashiro said he saw “the current government was fighting the doctors and now they’re fighting the nurses and they’re decimating the education system.” A government, he said, needs to support its people.
He chose to announce his candidacy now because “there could be a nomination meeting this fall and if there is, if I announce my intention to run two weeks before the nomination, there’s no way I can get the nomination. So I want now to have my name out there; people can know what my intentions are. So when I call people in the community and want them to support me, they know what it’s for. Also I believe if there’s a nomination meeting called this fall, it gives a lot of time to connect with the people in the city.”

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Dennis Bremner

Myashiro was a Spearman yes man. He was part of the 6-3 control of Lethbridge Council. So he should fit well into the same roll with Shannon Phillips. I have no doubt that he will continue his agenda of doing what the special interest groups/non profits want, not what the Residents want. His vote in turning the downtown into a Drug hotspot and ghetto will continue with Phillips leading the “non profits” on a Crusade of saving every non-resident they can find assisted by MSTH!
In the end MSTH will increase their shuttle service from all outlier towns, Blood/Kainai management will continue to evict addicts on the reserves, and Myashiro, MSTH/LOPS and Phillips will continue to call them “Residents and Homeless”, the day they arrive! Myashiro with Phillips, will finish what they started and orchestrate the final demise of the downtown core! The SCS “non profit” ($343,000 a year) will tell you its God’s work and God wants them to destroy “your Lethbridge” ! A Lethbridge that your tax dollars has built over the last 115 years!
ALPHA House applying for an onsite indoor SCS and then withdrawing the application coupled with MSTH/LOPS suing the Alberta Gov was obviously the first step, Myashiro controlling London Road East and agreeing with everything Phillips does to destroy the downtown, and this city, is the second step! The third and final step will to buy in Hotels and house every non tax paying derelict Drug Addict/MethHead from Claresholm to Medicine Hat, Pincher Creek to Mill River in our City….but they will be doing Gods work, so its OK!
The true homeless? Well much like other cities in Canada, they get beaten up, robbed of everything of value, and driven out by the Drug Addict/Meth Heads which obviously is Gods work too because they get the housing… Its great to be a front man for the non profits!
To prove their place in Lethbridge we should get “Savin Lives” numbers that astound us once again but strangely, nothing changes, other than the numbers as they grow and grow! Numbers like 27,000 referrals to Rehab, 30,000 LIVES SAVED….yet no one actually stays in rehab and people will still continue to die at the same rate! That’s what happens when you cater to, and kill your city(105,000 people), for 10% of your drug population( 200 people) and the other 90%(1800) continue to contribute to the death toll. Strangely, as the numbers of Meth Heads increases (we saw a spike over the last 3 months) and deaths rise, no one tells the public that SAVIN LIVES Naloxone does not work on Meth, they must have forgotten?
The push for the lawsuit by LOPS/MSTH has to be now because once the border opens and a stable supply of drugs once again appears in Lethbridge, the “Horse Pain Killer manufacturers” will be out of business and the numbers of deaths will drop proportionally. So you have to sue now, while the iron is hot!
So as more and more people die of Meth ODs, the SCSs/LOPS/MSTH of the world will continue to give the impression….if only they had been there to give the life savin juices to the Meth Head, the numbers would come down.
This next kick at the cat and this combo of people and organizations should be great…………………………for the 10% (200 people) and non profits, but not for 105,000 tax paying residents of Lethbridge!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner

You’re right on! Now I have TWO people not to vote for 😉

Last edited 2 years ago by bladeofgrass

Chillingly spot on.
Please pardon a bit of clarification to your article:
90% of the druggies continue to….
“So you have to sue now…”. You mean they or LOPS/MSTH have to sue now…?
Pardon me I just want it abundantly clear to as many people as possible -this is an Alfred Hitchcock movie slowly playing out without a happy ending or rather without an ending at all. Talk about a slow death.


……for the 10%. I believe I understand that you are saying : Of 2000 druggies -10% (200) of the druggies get cured ,the rest continue dying.
The conveyor belt of the addict support system has gone into overdrive, and there is no breaks?

Dennis Bremner

Nope lol
10% are HARD Drug Addicts and are in what is called the Naloxone Group. 90% are functional people in certain degrees of functionality. The 90% would not be caught in an SCS because they have to preserve a social image.
As for cure…there is no cure. Lastly, the success rate of Rehab is less than 1% but you won’t find that number because the people that do this hide their failure in a Quarterly called Drugs, Alcohol and Other Addictive Substances and then claim 20% success rates. Its slick, because Glue sniffers and Gas Sniffers and Alcoholics make up 99% of that success rate but they bottle it up into one number and purposely make it impossible to extract the real numbers.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner
Dennis Bremner

Montreal13- Clarity
10% of the addicts in a City (Naloxone Group) use the SCSs services when provided. They use SCSs to experiment with concoctions because death is taken off the table. 90% of the Addicts, tend to carry on their lives in isolation or have families a job etc. They tend to be silently contributing to the death toll. They take drugs that could be spiked with Fentanyl and of course are doing so unknowingly. So out of (10 deaths as an example) you may find that 5-6 out of ten come from the 90% group and 4-5 come from the Naloxone Group. Because 90% of the addicts never seek out SCS services, or rarely do, they will continue to contribute to the death toll no matter if there are 10 SCSs. The Naloxone Group experiment continually and eventually decide walking down to the SCS is to much of a pain and OD where ever they are at.
Now because Meth is gaining ground, Naloxone whether available or not does not change the outcome of an OD on Meth. So if one were to look at a % of meth deaths in that group of 10, there would be 2.
So, the DoGooders scream they need SCS, then when they get one, they fake the numbers but the numbers of deaths continue, whether they are here or not. An example was Jan-Jun 2019 there were 16 deaths in Lethbridge, with an SCS. Jan-Jun 2020 there were 13 without an SCS.
The SCS supporters want you to believe they could have saved the 13 that died, yet, they never saved the 16 in the prior year. So its a game of numbers. The bad news for SCS supporters in Lethbridge is we can compare numbers while SCS was operational and when it was not. The difference is ZERO, yet it kills a city!
Now because there are rising deaths, closed borders and bad drug makers, the numbers are rising. Why? The 90% who never use an SCS are getting the same bad drugs as the 10% who would have used an SCS. So some die from both categories. Compound that with METH and you have the numbers we presently have.
SCS or not, it makes no difference as to numbers, it only makes a difference to the Owners of the Clubhouse!

Second clarity
MSTH and LOPS are suing the Alberta Gov saying they are withholding services illegally. They just launched the lawsuit. As I have said before, its an easy defense because none of these organizations give you correct numbers. They skew them to make things look far worse then they are, and if it is that bad, they have only one reason for it. No SCS, yet, Edmonton Calgary have SCSs and have seen the same percentage rise in deaths. So then they say, but we are far worse then Edmonton/Calgary(per 100k) and I say….no, Blood/Kainai is worse and because they are WORSE, and because they kick there addicts out of their housing, they have no choice, they come to Lethbridge! So the solution is easy, change Blood/Kainai Leadership, demand SCS/DETOX ON THE BLOOD RESERVE ! Suddenly the problem reduces significantly and, suddenly we are the same as Edmonton/Calgary but WITHOUT an SCS.
For as long as the policy is to make an addicts life miserable on the Reserve, Lethbridge will have a problem. So did Miyashiro figure that one out or is that Socially Unacceptable to point out the obvious and DEMAND SOMETHING BE DONE? It must be, because he did nothing but support Spearman’s dream of Lethbridge being the Southern Rehab City!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner

A number of people have tired to get the officials to spell out : what % of so called homeless actually arrive in our city homeless already? They reply that they haven’t collected that kind of data.
Obviously some services need to be provided regardless. However,who should be equally sharing in the time and expense of those services?

Dennis Bremner

Here is Lethbridges problem in a nutshell. If you provide services to the truly homeless and they are of significant benefit, then suddenly, all the addicts from surrounding areas want to share in the new found benefits.
So you can plan for 100 truly Lethbridge homeless and be overrun by 400 addicts who believe they deserve the same services. So the only way to attack this is be upfront and honest with the surrounding communities and EVERYONE slowly increases services together. Otherwise you get a migration.

pursuit diver

The spike in fatal overdoses came from illegal consumption sites operating in this city!
Lethbridge had a reduction in fatal overdoses when the SCS closed in Sept 2020. North America saw a rise in fatal overdoses because or COVID in the last year, and in Canada CERB, handed out without oversight began another increase.
Make no mistake, Lethbridge didn’t see the rise in fatal overdoses like other centers.
The Illegal sites should be charged for manslaughter! They have a complete disrespect of law and for the citizens of this city that made it clear they didn’t want LOPS or the SCS here! Now they are trying to ram it down our throats and cost the Lethbridge taxpayers tens of millions of dollars more by forcing these sites on us. Charge them with manslaughter . . . they are criminals!

pursuit diver

He will learn that when he attacks other members in the legislature as he did Lethbridge Council members in chambers, he will be shut down by the speaker immediately and if he doesn’t listen, he will meet the Sgt of Arms and be escorted out of the Legislature.
He doesn’t know how to respect the sanctity of the institution! Maybe Trump will give him a job! They would get along well! BYE BYE

Dennis Bremner

Hopefully the NDP have not anointed him as the NDP rep here, because I sure do not want him in Lethbridge East! He will approve anything Phillips wants, which is an easy figure. She wants the drug problems to stay downtown and not migrate to her “beloved West Side” so she will do anything to support the Nutbars who want to remain downtown and expand. Myashiro will not interfere because he will be a rookie NDP and so we will watch a lot of lip service from him. The same lip he gave to fellow Councilman while supporting Spearman’s Vision of a Drug Cesspool Treatment Center in our city!
Neither Phillips or Myashiro will address where our “New” Residents are coming from because its bad politics to be honest!

Last edited 2 years ago by Dennis Bremner