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City gas prices higher than in Calgary, Edmonton

By Al Bieber on October 8, 2021.

Herald photo by Al Beeber The price for regular unleaded gasoline is seen at a city fueling station with tanker in the background Thursday.


Feeling like gas pump prices are leaving your wallet a little lighter in Lethbridge these days?
Compared to other places in Alberta, you may feel justified in being frustrated.
Prices for regular grade gasoline on Thursday, according to website ranged from a low of 129.9 cents a litre at membership-only Costco to a high of 145.9 cents at Mobil on Aquitania Blvd. W. and Esso at Circle K on Columbia Blvd W. In between, local prices ranged from 137.9 cents at the northside Canadian Tire to 142.9 at various locations.
Diesel prices here ranged from a low of 127.9 cents at Gas Plus on Jerry Potts Blvd. W. to a high of 131.9 at the Mobil on Aquitania Blvd. W.
In nearby Coaldale Thursday, regular grade prices ranged between 141.9 cents a litre to 142.9.
Prices at two locations in Fort Macleod were both 145.9 cents while Taber residents were paying 142.9 cents at five locations. Prices were also 142.9 at four Pincher Creek locations, while Blairmore residents were paying 145.9 at one outlet.
Heading north, four locations at Claresholm were charging 143.9 cents while one had gas at a low of 133.9.
In Calgary, prices ranged from as low as 127.9 at a Gas Plus on 11 Ave. S.E. to a high of 140.9 at a Gas Plus on Ogden Road S.E.
Prices in the Alberta capital were even lower with one Petro Canada station charging a mere 117.9 cents a litre for regular. The high, according to the survey, was 126.9 cents.
If it’s any consolation to Lethbridge drivers, prices in Cranbrook B.C. ranged from 148.9 for regular to 149.9.
Gas Buddy found a low of 127.9 in the B.C. community of Farmington. In Vancouver, however, prices ranged from 153.9 to 157.9.
In nearby Saskatchewan, two stations were charging 131.9 for regular on Thursday at Maple Creek. At the east end of the province, a gas station in Wolseley was charging 133.9 cents.
If you think any of that sounds bad, Newfoundland drivers can expect to pay as much as 160.9 cents a litre for regular.
A Canadian Press story Thursday said fuel prices shattered records in many parts of the country this week, just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend. The average price for regular gas reached 145 cents per litre, the story said.
“This we haven’t seen in history, to be honest,” said Vijay Muralidharan, Calgary-based director of consulting with Kalibrate, formerly Kent Group Ltd.
“As far as I can remember, we haven’t seen these prices,” he told The Canadian Press.
Oil prices jumped on Monday after OPEC and other producers chose to stay with their approach of gradually restoring output that was cut during the COVID pandemic, according to an Associated Press story. High prices for natural gas, which are prompting some electricity producers in Asia to switch to oil, are also keeping prices up, suggested the story.

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Dennis Bremner

All due to the carbon tax, so it will only get worse. Its why food is skyrocketing and amusingly they say prices will come down because its COVID related? Yet prices never come down as promised, containers get smaller and prices continually go up, because this is the age of deception.

Southern Albertan

Brings back memories of our own Alberta carbon tax which was being reinvested back into the province to assist in diversifying our economy, and which the Kenney UCP cancelled, and we immediately got hit with the federal carbon tax. Remember the days without a carbon tax and when gas prices went up during peak driving season, and when refineries were so-called being repaired, etc.? Who was and where was the profit going to then? Certain oil and gas sector corporations with their $multibillion dollar profits?
Well, high gas prices are working for me….driving less, and, my next vehicle will be either a hybrid or an EV….suits me fine.


Should probably recheck prices in Calgary. Downtown gas is 143.9. at the 7-11 on 1st Street and 12 Ave SE

pursuit diver

Edmonton (Sherwood Park) area is where the refineries are: Shell, Petro-Can, Esso while a fourth is by Redwater, NE of Edmonton, the newest state of the art refinery. There are load racks in Calgary supplied by both pipeline and railcars ( hundreds per year from the US), no refineries. So, seeing Lethbridge with higher prices is no surprise since it has to be transported further by an army of tankers that serve Alberta, BC and some Sask areas.
The Petro Can (Suncor) refinery is 70% supplied by the oil-sands crude and should be lower you would think, but here is a little factor that many are not aware of due do the free trade agreement made with the US:
Alberta cannot sell any of it’s petroleum products for cheaper than what it does to the US! That means we cannot enjoy lower prices in this province even though it comes from our province! Great to see Ottawa had our back on that agreement, right! BOHICA

Last edited 2 years ago by pursuit diver