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Lethbridge soldier stands guard at Tower of London

By CANADIAN ARMED FORCES on October 15, 2021.

Photo by Master Corporal Heather MacRae - Bombardier Jess Moulton stands guard at The Crown Jewels House at the Tower of London as part of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Public Duties Contingent.

It has been an experience of a lifetime for Lethbridge native Bombardier Jess Moulton who was chosen as one of the 13 members of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery United Kingdom Public Duties Contingent (RCA UK PDC) to stand guard at the Tower of London earlier this month in England.
“This was truly a once in a career opportunity, and I am very grateful that I was chosen for this tasking and to be able to stand guard at the Tower of London,” said Moulton, who is currently posted to the 1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Shilo, Manitoba.
Bombardier Moulton, who graduated from Langley Secondary School in 2013, was chosen to be one of the 90 people who would travel to the United Kingdom to be a member of the RCA UK PDC.
“It is really an honour to be here. This is my first deployment as member of the Canadian Armed Forces and is fulfilling to be a part of such a prestigious event.”
The RCA UK PDC is comprised of 90 soldiers who will serve as the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London throughout October. The contingent was invited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to form the Queen’s Guard to honour and commemorate the 150th anniversary of the formation of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery (RCA) A and B Batteries.
This opportunity to conduct Public Duties perpetuates the tradition of Commonwealth soldiers working closely with the British Armed Forces while demonstrating the professional capabilities of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and the Canadian Armed Forces in an international setting.

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