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Event scares up food bank donations

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman - LETHBRIDGE HERALD on November 5, 2021.


A Lethbridge resident with a passion for Halloween offered other members of the community an opportunity to get scared while helping those in need by accepting food and cash donations for the Interfaith Foodbank on Oct. 31.
Dylan Wood, a former resident of Chestemere, Alta., told the Herald the idea of turning his garage into a haunted house came from his general love for Halloween.
“I grew up in Chestemere and one of my neighbours put on an attraction like this that slowly got bigger and bigger, and I just loved how it brought the community together and he was also taking food bank item donations and I saw every year how that got bigger and better and how many meals he was puting on tables for people and | got a lot of inspiration from that,” said Wood.
Wood added that the haunted house project couldn’t have been possible without the help of his fiance and roommates.
“In such a time with COVID and everything, we just wanted to help out people who maybe didn’t have that kind of stuff right now and can’t afford to put food on their table,” said Katrina Matchim, Wood’s fiance.
The attraction, which was open to the public following COVID-19 safety protocols on the city’s west side from 6 p.m until midnight on Halloween night, saw over 200 people by 7:30 p.m. when Wood was interviewed by the Herald.
Those in attendance had the opportunity to be scared by zombies trapped in cages, hanging body bags, screams and scary images, among other things.
By the end of the night an estimated 400 people attended and they were able to collect over 300 pounds of food and cash donations for a total contribution to the Interfaith Food Bank valued at $865.
“It is this type of community spirit that keeps us moving, and keeps us motivated,” said Danielle McIntyre, executive director of Interfaith Food Bank. “We love it when community members use their creativity to inspire others to support us. As we’re seeing our numbers rising and the weather getting colder, it’s great to know there are people out there thinking of others.”

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