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KidSport and ASAA team up to help get youth into the game

By Dale Woodard on November 9, 2021.

KidSport Alberta and the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association have teamed up to support low income and Indigenous families access high school sport across the province.
With funding from the federal and provincial government Sport Participation Support Program, KidSport and the ASAA have launched a program encouraging equal access to sport opportunities at school that support the physical and mental health of youth across Alberta.
“We as an association are very excited to be able to have a great partner like KidSport,” said Trevor Aiello, program assistant for provincial championships and member services. “With KidSport already having that as their primary focus, it just seemed like a natural, dovetailed partnership that we were able to help them and they were able to help us.”
Hundreds of students will receive funding towards participation in their school sport between now and December 2022.
“We’ve always funded kids in school sports, programs,” said Greg Ingalls, KidSport Alberta executive director. “But this partnership allows us to really promote that through the ASAA and their member schools to let kids know we’re there to provide some additional funding. We like the whole dynamic of the student-athlete and the idea of staying in school and doing well in school and playing sports.
“Obviously (with) the economic situation in the province there are more families who are needing our support to get their kids playing sports. We do see a number of families are still a little bit hesitant to get their kids back playing sports as well. But within the school environment and the fact that most school sports are a little bit less expensive than a lot of other sports are, it really does fit well with providing an opportunity for kids to play sports and make sure all kids have that opportunity to access sport.”
The program is underway and goes until December of 2022.
“Athletes can go and begin the application process through the KidSport website and all funding will apply for currently active sports like football or volleyball,” said Aiello. “We have received grant funding up until Dec. of 2022 and we hope to reapply for the grant and continue this for the foreseeable future. There’s no guarantee of that, but that is the intention.”
Aiello noted the financial barriers that have come up with the pandemic and unforeseen circumstances for a lot of families.
“So this has helped add a little bit of stability and structure and backbone to help kids get back into sport if they otherwise might not be able to.”
Anyone in Lethbridge interested in the program can apply through KidSport Lethbridge,” said Ingalls.
“The way the program is set up is we would reimburse KidSport Lethbridge for any of the kids they assist in school sports. The application is the same as it for any families in Lethbridge who want to access KidSport funding.”
For more information on KidSport visit or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @KidSportAlberta.

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