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Sentencing awaits for woman guilty on charges of armed robbery and threats

By Delon Shurtz on November 10, 2021.


A former Lethbridge woman who was scheduled to be sentenced last week for robbing and threatening to kill a man won’t learn her fate until the new year.
Chelsey Marie Beringer was to receive the judge’s decision Thursday in Lethbridge provincial court, but when the matter was spoken to by an agent for defence counsel, the hearing was adjourned to Jan. 31.
Beringer pleaded guilty in June to charges of armed robbery and uttering threats, and the matter was adjourned to Sept. 30 for a sentencing hearing. During that hearing the Crown recommended the 23-year-old woman be sent to jail for a year, while defence suggested a 90-day intermittent sentence and two years of probation would be appropriate given his client’s young age and lack of criminal record.
On May 7, 2020 Beringer called an acquaintance and asked him to meet her in Coaldale, but he told her he was too drunk. He messaged her later in the day, however, and she offered him sex for $400.
The friend said he only had $200, but agreed to meet Beringer, as long as she didn’t bring her boyfriend.
At about 11 p.m. the man pulled into the parking lot of Tim Horton’s in Coaldale and Beringer got into his car. As he drove away, Beringer told him to stop, and a man wearing a hospital mask and carrying a kitchen knife walked up to the car and climbed into the back seat. He held the knife to the driver’s neck, and Beringer demanded the $200. The the masked man – Beringer’s boyfriend – repeated the demand and threatened to cut the victim.
The three went to a bank where the victim withdrew money from the ATM, and the masked assailant handed it to Beringer before they returned to Tim Horton’s. Beringer kicked the victim, stole his cellphone and threatened to kill him if he called the police. Her boyfriend also threatened to kill him.
The two robbers fled on foot and the victim called police, who reviewed bank video surveillance footage. Both suspects were arrested within a day of the robbery.
The Crown pointed out Beringer planned the robbery, lured her victim on false pretenses, and assaulted him before she and her boyfriend fled.
Defence told the judge Beringer had a troubled childhood and later was involved in a number of abusive relationships, which led her down the road to alcohol and drug addictions, and ultimately the robbery. Since the incident she has moved to Saskatchewan and away from bad influences, completed an addictions treatment program, and has changed her life.

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