May 28th, 2024

Lethbridge green cart program getting provincial funding

By Lethbridge Herald on November 12, 2021.

The Alberta government is investing $4.75 million in Lethbridge to support municipal infrastructure improvements.
The Municipal Sustainability Initiative money will be used by the City of Lethbridge for the purchase of solid waste carts and vehicles across the west and east sides of the city.
This money is specifically for the carts and trucks needed for the organics curbside program. Funding for the processing facility for the organics program comes from federal gas tax funding.
In a statement, MLA for Lethbridge East Nathan Neudorf stated “The City of Lethbridge prioritizes requests for funding and I am happy to see that this project was accepted with such a significant amount allocated. I am excited to see these projects be completed.”

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Citi Zen

$4.75 M for yet another boondoggle plan. Another cart to find room to store, to blow in the wind, totally useless to the majority of households. Some administrator in City Hall trying to justify his/her job.


You are right Citi Zen it is a $10million boondoggle going to cost over $17m probably with a $12 to $15 monthly user fee The infamous City Council selected City Environment Committee made up of enviro Councillors and coached by the two local enviro groups came up with the City Environment Waste Diversion policy puzzle a ICI Strategy that generates 20,000-tonnes of Organics a year to a landfill cell #7 and the Residential programs less than 6000 tonnes of Organics. The residential group should be credited with 0ver 2300 tonnes of yard waste yearly from the three depots sent to our $150,000 organic composter pad at the Waste& recycling facility also credit for over 4200 tonnes of recycled material from the three recycling depots and curbside pickup. The programs initiated by the City and local Enviro group of over 10,000-back yard composters and in sink digesters reduce food waste by 35%. The City environment committee did not present these facts nor did City council take the time to develop the fact the residential group is not the Organic problem and does not require a program.
The City Council failure is improper info on the actual city organic problem and did not pick the Industrial, commercial,institutional (ICI) Strategy but gave the ICI a five year grace period no targets up to 2021 allowed to dump 20,000 a year organics in a special what is called “the Compost cell -ICI solution organic cell #7 the 5 year grace period they dumped over 100,000 tonnes. You can go back 8 years and the city annual report states over 100,000 tonnes of waste deposited in the landfill the City Waste and Recycle GM states over 70% of waste deposited in landfill is ICI.
With this info residential at this time do not need a organic program, the present Council should take a proper review of the facts and agree with a five year grace period for the residential and proper consultation .We can change the failure of the past Council if we act, what do you say?


What do I say? Thank goodness we have a competent city administration who can understand the facts, the finances, and string together a coherent sentence now and again.

Best to stick with bikes-on-sidewalks, snowman.