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Vaccine QR codes only starting Monday

By Al Beeber on November 13, 2021.


Starting Monday, operators participating in the province’s Restrictions Exemptions Program will only be accepting Alberta vaccine records with paper or digital QR codes.

Businesses will be using the COVD Records Verifier app to scan QR codes, says the Alberta government.

When scanned, the code shows a person’s name, birthday and vaccination information. It is not connected to other personal data, says the province.

A QR code will have to be shown by people entering City of Lethbridge recreation and culture facilities starting Monday.

The City has also made the decision to implement a mandatory vaccination policy for all City staff which also comes into effect4 on Monday.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to protect the safety and health of our staff and our community,” says city manager Craig Dalton in a news release. “Ensuring people are vaccinated is the most effective way to do that.”

Acknowledging there may be some employees unhappy about this announcement, Dalton confirmed the risk of not taking this step was far greater than the objections that may be raised.

As of Oct. 27, 89 per cent of City staff had completed the vaccine disclosure form, the City told the Herald recently.

Of those who had reported as of Oct. 27, 96.6 per cent were reporting as fully vaccinated our were in progress toward reaching full vaccination status. Only 3.4 per cent were reporting as not being vaccinated.

Fire/EMS staff are tied to the AHS policy as a direct service provider. That policy was amended by AHS on Oct. 22, extending the vaccination deadline to Nov. 30.

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we welcome govt intrusion into private realms; we are zombies, and do not give a hoot about privacy and freedom. the only right we wish to uphold to follow whatever the govt of the day determines we must. autocracy is the new totalitarian way, only, it is better than totalitarianism in that it is “new.” kind of makes one care a little less about death. i would rather succumb to covid than succumb to autocracy.

pursuit diver

There are some that have good reason for not being vaccinated and have medical exemptions to the law, while others have reasonable medical concerns, such as pregnant mothers that do want to harm the fetus and are not sure of the impact.
BUT, there are many that are just standing on ‘nobody is going to tell me what to do’ because it is my choice!
Sure, because of your choice you have taken up all the space in ICU’s, shutdown major treatment and operations for many patients that now could very well die or have life long impacts, caused longer restrictions, cost the province hundreds of millions more during what is a state of public health emergency!
Most of the deaths were unvaccinated, so when people will not protect themselves or others the government has to step.
I am tired of lockdowns and restrictions that last because people refuse to obey the government because they have watched to many TV shows or listened to too much disinformation on social media meant to destroy the West, much of it coming from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran!
When 2/3’s of the population are following the rules to try to get back to a reasonably normal life and the other 1/3 is preventing it by taking over hospital beds, ICU’s and causing burnout to our overworked medical professionals, it is time for the government to act!
Many people have been impacted because they could not get their booked operations or treatment, because medical staff and beds were taken up by unvaccinated people!
The tail has been wagging the dog in so many areas in this country, which is ripping it apart, fracturing it! Canada’s National Debt is over $1 trillion and soon will see $1.4 trillion after hovering between $550 billion and $700 billion for the past 30 years, because of a PM who spends like a drunken sailor on leave and COVID! We are in serious trouble and we need our work force back!
I agree 100% with the steps taken by the city! This is not government overstepping and infringing on our rights, but one that is trying to protect everyone and keep everyone working, while setting the stage to get everyone back to work!
There are legitimate reasons while some are not getting vaccinated and I support them and hope they are looked after, which in my understanding they will be.