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Lockers for city’s homeless being considered by LPC

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman on November 26, 2021.


The Lethbridge Police Commission is looking into the possibility of obtaining lockers for Lethbridge’s homeless population.
During the most recent Lethbridge Police Commission meeting on Wednesday, Acting Inspector Dwayne Smith answered a question that was brought up during last month’s meeting regarding that possibility.
Smith said that Sgt. Mike Williamson along with members of Alpha House looked into some lockers similar to the bike storage lockers the University of Lethbridge has but they were pretty costly, so they moved on to look at storage bins.
Smith said they are hoping to obtain bins that are similar to the bins used for recycling but that are lockable, as some of the people have shopping carts and backpacks so they need bigger storage facilities.
He added that they are looking into the possibility of obtaining some of those units from the city, and the idea is to be able to provide these storage facilities within Alpha House to be able to keep their belongings in a secured location.
Smith indicated that by providing these storage facilities they will be able to solve a problem they have been dealing with regarding items being left all over the city.
He explained that Alpha House has limited resources financially and in terms of staff to be able to deal with the ability to provide access to the storage facilities when needed and therefore, Sgt. Williamson along with members of the Alpha House are working with the city to see if there are some funds or ways that they can work with the city to achieve their goal of providing storage for the homeless population.

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pursuit diver

Alpha House needs to be kicked out of this city and replaced with a smaller, better managed operation that has municipal oversight, respects the clients concerns, gets rid of the ‘gangsters’ who try dominate the clients, forcing them into crime, stop the open drug use and respect the business community around them. They should NEVER be involved with operating a COVID isolation site/motel.
The best fix is to rid the city of the problem organization and use a locally operated organization with no employees allowed that were once SCS employees! Even the clients would agree with that!
Having property stolen is the least of the issues there! Drugs, gangs, assaults, rapes and threats are all complaints many of the people on the street complain about!