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Lawyer asks for Phillips to be sanctioned for tweets

By Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald on December 9, 2021.


MLA Shannon Phillips nipped in the bud plans by reporters to ask her any questions involving the Lethbridge Police Service and police commission only minutes before a scheduled Wednesdaypress conference.
On Tuesday, the Calgary Herald reported that the lawyer for five LPS officers wants Phillips to be sanctioned by the speaker of the Alberta Legislature for tweets Phillips made before two officers involved in the so-called “meme-gate” affair were to appear before the presiding officer of a disciplinary hearing.
The Calgary Herald story said a letter sent to legislature speaker Nathan Cooper was provided to Postmedia by an officer involved on the condition his name not be used. The report states that defence lawyer Greg Dunn suggested the Lethbridge West MLA tried to influence disciplinary proceedings involving the officers.
That Dec. 1 letter quotes Dunn, according to the report, as writing “I will let the parlance and professionalism of the tweets speak for themselves, however of concern to me as a member of the Bar in the Province of Alberta is the unmitigated attack on the integrity of a statutorily regulated judicial process and its participants.”
In the letter, Dunn said Phillips’ comments are “slanderous, false and simply fall far beneath the station to which a member of the Legislature of Alberta ought to be held.”
At Wednesday’s press conference shortly before Phillips discussed the Lethbridge doctor shortage with a city man suffering from a back injury who feels the lack of a physician has impacted his ability to get quality health care, an email was sent to media stating “I will not be taking questions about my ongoing legal matters with the Lethbridge Police Service and Lethbridge Police Commission.
“I can tell you that I stand behind my actions on this matter to date, including how I referred to two disgraced former officers who have resigned due to their misconduct targeting me. Both of those officers resigned rather than face internal disciplinary processes, but they are both still under criminal investigation for what they did to me.
“The UCP Minister of Justice and I are not united on much. Premier Kenney and I do not often agree. But we all agree that targeting a sitting MLA for political reasons cannot be tolerated in a democratic society. For this reason, I have filed a complaint against the officers who sought to limit my activities as an MLA by writing to the Speaker yesterday. A democratic society cannot tolerate members of a police service who feel free to act outside their oath.
“At the end of the day, the Lethbridge Police Service needs to focus on reducing and responding to crime, which is rising in Lethbridge. And I will focus on advocating for the citizens of Lethbridge. That’s why our tax dollars go to the LPS and why the voters elected me to the legislature. I will focus on my job, and I expect all members of the LPS – without exception – to do theirs.”

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Impressive deflection. Put yourself in the news attacking the government. No comment turned out to be, well, lots of comment.

diplomacy works

It’s a long comment but on point, so not a deflection at all.

Frankly better than the verbal, ‘no comment’.

Hope Phillips has good lawyers because all the power structures in Alberta, including Kenney, are out to get her on this. On this and on everything she does, frankly.


I guess I understood “nipped in the bud” to mean she wasn’t taking questions. Took no questions but still had plenty to say pumping her side of the story without fear of having to answer. Called controlling the narrative. The media should have persisted.

diplomacy works

If you think Phillips is controlling the narrative, the media should persist in getting the other side(s) of the story out.

Let’s see those memes, hear who ran over the deer repeatedly until it was squashed to death, chose to kill a cougar rather than call F&W, who covered up police surveillance of a sitting MLA – etc.

IOW – get the story out.


If that lawyer(the cops lawyer) feels that way he should file a defamation lawsuit, rather than run his mouth, if he feels this unofficial complaint has any merit(and watch it get laughed out of court).
These cops were using public resources to stalk and harass a private citizen for personal reasons, which was largely ignored until public pressure forced the administration to at least acknowledge their wrongdoing. This came about specifically because of Ms Phillips public statements, which are wholly appropriate.
Shall we talk about this Lawyer? Built his career as a defense lawyer specializing in cases against corrupt cops, now hes working for them.
From a 2003 interview
“Since becoming a partner at Dunn & McKay (formally Bascom Fagan) in 2003, his penchant for taking on prosecutors and police has helped raise the profile of the firm in the city. The firm has now grown to four lawyers focused on criminal law, mostly in the areas of impaired driving, drug offences and proceeds of crime.”
His headline on his webpage is literally “Fighting the Fist of the State’ lol so edgy.
The dude now going out of his way to hassle a private citizen on behalf of police internationally famous for their corruption and ineptitude? Must be them old Denton/UCP connections laying down the law….


Chill Shannon… I mean Steve.

Shall we talk about how you don’t know when to quit posting things on the internet? As if you believe anyone besides you personally would be choked enough to post a little four paragraph biography about the guy that called you out – I mean “ran his mouth”.