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AMA food drive helps stock the shelves at city food banks

By Dale Woodard - Lethbridge Herald on December 14, 2021.

Herald photo by Dale Woodard AMA's Scott Sage unloads a package at the AMA's #StackToSackHunger Day Sunday at the Lethbridge AMA. Donations from Sunday's drive went to both the Lethbridge Interfaith Food Bank and the Lethbridge Food Bank.

It was like ordering food, except in reverse.
Either way, the food dropped off at the Lethbridge Alberta Motor Association was getting a little mileage with the ultimate destination of helping those in need as #StackToSackHunger took place Sunday afternoon.
As food banks across Alberta become more relied upon, the AMA rallied its nearly one million members to help with the #StackToSackHunger initiative as part of its AMA Fill Our Fleet program.
That included the Lethbridge AMA Sunday in a two-hour food drive as donors drove up, popped their trunk and let volunteers unload food items to be stacked up for the Lethbridge Food Bank and the Lethbridge Interfaith Food Bank.
Across the province, the goal was the same; stack up donation boxes to better support the nearly 116,400 people who rely on the food bank each month in Alberta.
“We are hoping to stack those donation boxes as high as we can this holiday season,” said Jane Flower, vice-president of Corporate Purpose for the AMA. “The things the food bank is always in need of are the protein items like peanut butter, canned beans and lentils, but also pasta and evaporated milk. We will take everything people are willing to donate.”
The need at the food bank is quite surprising, said Flower.
“I think sometimes we like to think that maybe in Alberta we are fortunate, but our food bank demands have increased 30 per cent since 2019. As we look at what’s coming as we head into 2022, it’s inflation and challenges with more and more Albertans having to rely on the food bank to help them get them through. We only expect the demand to increase. So we’re asking Albertans who can give this season to just help out a little bit more and this is just one opportunity to do so.”
Since 2009, the AMA has raised more than $767,000 for local food banks, along with 195,370 pounds of food.
“Which is the weight of about 15 tow trucks,” said Flower.
According to the AMA’s news release, for every dollar donated, food banks can purchase as much as $5 worth of food for people who need it.
For those who weren’t able to get to Sunday’s #StackToSackHunger initiative, Flower said the AMA accepts cash donations.
Those wishing to donate can visit
“If you go and donate online you can select your local food banks,” said Flower. “You can select the drop-down and select that your donation goes to the Lethbridge Food Bank or the Lethbridge Interfaith Food Bank.”

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