May 28th, 2024

Local school divisions react to back-to-school delay

By Lethbridge Herald on January 4, 2022.

The Lethbridge and Holy Spirit Catholic school divisions were scrambling to react to last week’s announcement from the province that the “winter break” for students was being extended to January 10.
Both divisions have since issued statements to the public detailing what the implications will be for their respective organizations.
Diploma examinations for high school students have also been cancelled, and online learning delivery will not be offered next week. All school related activities, including extra-curriculars and co-curriculars, are on pause this week as well.
“Lethbridge School Division is anticipating more information next week from the provincial government regarding what a return to school will look like on Jan. 10,” reads a Dec. 31 statement. “At this time Minister LaGrange stated the government is anticipating school will be in-person on Jan. 10. If there are any further announcements next week that change this expectation, parents will be notified immediately.”
Lethbridge School Division is “appreciative of the additional week to assist in preparation for the 10th” and will relay any new information received from the province as quickly as possible.
In his own statement to the public released Friday, Holy Spirit superintendent Ken Sampson detailed that 8.6 million rapid tests and 16.5 million masks will be provided to schools in Alberta.
“During this time, school jurisdictions have been asked to determine the impact that the Omicron variant will have on staffing and prepare for in-person learning the week of January 10.”
“Please know that we remain committed to the continuation of education for all our students,” said Sampson.

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