June 14th, 2024

Council to discuss third bridge tax implications

By Lethbridge Herald on January 18, 2022.

City council today is expected to hear a report about the potential residential tax increase of a third bridge crossing the Oldman River.
The report addresses the tax increases that residents could face if a bridge cost $200 million, $250 million or $350 million.
That item is one of several council will be addressing today.
Also on the agenda is the City’s pilot curbside organics program and a report about costs committed so far to the project.
Council is also slated to address a report about an Integrity Commissioner position and an administrative response concerning a potential cat bylaw which would limit the numbers that could be kept in a residence.
Also on the agenda are several bylaws for second and third reading.

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The stats on this should without a doubt deep six this idea. Hope the new council is smart on this.

200 million bridge, 23 mil in interest over 10 years PROPERTY TAX INCREASE : 14.5%

250 million bridge, 29 mil in interest over 10 years PROPERTY TAX INCREASE: 18.3%

300 million bridge, 35 mil in interest over 10 years PROPERTY TAX INCREASE: 22.1%
Bad idea, leave home sooner and drive slower.

Citi Zen

A viable option is to make it a toll bridge, user pays for it. Why make taxpayers who don’t even drive pay?


Not viable at all, everyone would whine and complain about a dollar each way and would be lining up protests to get the “government” to subsidize their travels. Nonsense.

Last edited 2 years ago by buckwheat

if a third bridge is deemed a necessity, which it is not, either just west side properties take on a tax increase, make it a toll bridge, or a combination of both. toll makes most sense, as it is then user pays only. the rest of the city does not need the bridge at all. as it serves a niche market, those being served can pay for it. otherwise, we had best make do with one “leth”bridge.


Perhaps freeze all development on the West side.