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Hyggen calls for end to blockades

By Trevor Busch - Lethbridge Herald on February 2, 2022.

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Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen has thanked truckers for their important contributions to the economy but rejects unlawful attempts to blockade or disrupt infrastructure in the region.
Hyggen issued a statement on Tuesday following three days of the Canada-U.S. border being blockaded by protestors south of the city in Coutts, Alta.
“As many citizens of Lethbridge are aware, the current situation at the Coutts border crossing has stirred a wide range of conversations, opinions and emotions, both here and across the country,” said Hyggen. “To the Truckers, the work you do can often be taken for granted, but I want to recognize each of you today and every day. Thank you. It is because of you we have food on our tables, fuel in our cars and the everyday items we all rely upon as we continue to move through the pandemic as a community from coast-to-coast. My hat goes off to you all.”
While supportive of the right of citizens to protest, Hyggen was firm in his conviction that unlawful blockades of area infrastructure must not be tolerated.
“Please understand that I am in full support of peaceful protest and am proud to live in a democratic society where such demonstrations are allowed to take place without intervention. However, should there be a blocking of infrastructure or deliberate attempts to disrupt the public that could impact emergency services and/or any supply chains we require to make it through this pandemic, that form of protest should not be tolerated, and those involved should be held accountable.”

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