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MLA Neudorf calls for REP to be scrapped

By Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald on February 8, 2022.

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MLA for Lethbridge East Nathan Neudorf says the time has come for the Restrictions Exemption Program to end.
In a Thursday Facebook post, Neudorf said his office has fielded more than 3,000 phone calls, emails and messages in recent days from across the province.
The REP program, he wrote, was “never meant to deprive any Albertan of education or occupation. However, it’s undeniably had that effect. I’ve heard one heartbreaking story after another of people losing their livelihood, their homes and their trust in the Alberta government.”
Neudorf wrote that while he believes in the freedom of everyone to choose vaccination, he also believes in the freedom of people to not get vaccinated.
“When the REP program was put in place, it was with the intention of protecting our health care system. It is no longer serving that purpose and I believe it’s time for it to come to an end,” wrote the MLA.
In his post, Neudorf said data shows that COVID-19 is now hitting both the vaccinated and unvaccinated so it no longer makes sense to place restrictions on the latter.
“I am advocating for the REP to be immediately rescinded.”

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So emails and stories trump public health. Thanks Dr. Neudork!


A pretty good indicator as to which way the wind is blowing in the UCP caucus. But is this decision based on good science? Or is it based on crass politics by a weak leader, capitulating to bullies? I really wonder how many times growing up that Kenney had to cough up his lunch money?

John P Nightingale

Oh the joy of using statistics to back up a faulty claim. Mr Neudorf does not seem to understand “context” . Adjusting for numbers vaccinated (80-90%) and age, then risk increases considerably for those unvaccinated. Similar results are seen for acute and ICU care patients. And yet Neudorf et al insist that now is the time to drop the program. Against all medical advice. This is catering to the libertarians and the border convoy demands.
A far more reasonable approach would be that proposed by Kenney just a week or so ago when a more phased approach was proposed, in fact in October he had stated “we fully expect the program to be in place for at least the first quarter of 2022.” Now it would seem, no one learned a damn thing from the glorious but infamous “Alberta Open For Business” last July.
And just before anyone begins bashing me , know that I am in favour of opening but slowly with a balanced and reasoned approach , both of which are lacking in the proposal suggested by MLA Neudorf.
He acknowledges that REP ( a “vaccine passport” to all other provinces) has protected the health care system. On that he is correct. His other conclusions , not so much.

Les Elford

I just watched the most impressive press conference from a Liberal MP I have ever seen. Joel Lightbound talking about the convoy, restrictions, healthcare and division across the country. Please try to take the time to watch it. It is about an hour long, with no baffle gab, not the usual evasiveness and not answering questions. It was the closest thing I have seen to a real statement /conversation I have heard from a Liberal politician for a long time. He sounds like a bright guy who just might ……… get it.

Les Elford

John P Nightingale

Yes indeed! Watched it too. Made a lot of sense – a phased reopening amidst consideration for all aspects. His observations re the “freedom convoys” were also well stated.


In this retelling of heartbreak stories, does Mr. Neudorf ONCE refer to the pain and sorrow of those grieving loved ones lost to COVID? To those dealing with long COVID? To the absolute fatigue of front line workers? Teachers? Together with the impact to students K-12 who’ve been on a roller coaster ride for 2+ years. Does he ONCE mention those who have died because surgeries for major conditions have been postponed? & etc.
Freedom, Mr. Neudorf, is not a Get Out of Jail Free card.
Freedom comes with responsibilities and consequences.

Les Elford

Very good point. Thank you for addressing it. Especially with the political party who appears to have put their political ideology over the value of human life. Although in fairness perhaps not directly, but through affiliation for Mr. Neudorf (|maybe…perhaps…. I am being too generous …..he did at one time mention something about the benefits of herd infections) I am hoping he did that just because he drank too much of the Kenney Kool-Aid.
I also have often wondered:


Thankfully we have a day and different ways to remember, honour and memorialize those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who returned from war zones maimed both physically and mentally. 

They are our heroes who selflessly sacrificed it all and more on our behalf. In Canada we honour these heroes and remember them on Remembrance Day. Many other countries have their own day of remembrance.

Luckily for those in North America, and many parts of Europe, these sacrifices made; led to the development of modern industrialized countries and  some of the best living conditions ever.

I hope we honour, remember and memorialize those lost and affected by COVID with the same respect in a similar dignified manner someday. The people we’ve lost through COVID were; someone’s Mother, Father, Grandparent, Brother, Sister, Child, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin’s. They were family, friends and neighbours.

They all had a story to tell, and all made a contribution in their own way.

They deserve our ongoing respect and memorialization. As do the all the medical professionals who desperately tried to save them and tragically had to helplessly watch them die.

Les Elford