June 14th, 2024

City council appoints new City Manager

By Lethbridge Herald on February 16, 2022.

City council on Tuesday appointed Lloyd Brierley as its new City Manager. Brierley has signed a five-year contract to lead the city effective today after serving as Director of Infrastructure Services since last fall.
He takes on the role with the departure of outgoing city manager Craig Dalton, who announced his resignation last month.
In a statement, Mayor Blaine Hyggen said “I am extremely confident in Mr. Brierley’s abilities and experience. He is a well respected leader who will bring stability to the organization while still seeking out new opportunities to better serve our community.”
Before joining the City of Lethbridge, Brierley was General Manager of Fleet Services with the City and Toronto.
He will work with Dalton to transition into his new role over the next two weeks.
Brierley and Hyggen will hold a virtual press conference with media this morning.

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Citi Zen

Sure hope this person will take direction from council, rather than the opposite….
And maybe tighten the purse strings in City Hall.


Wow is he single?!!! Honestly sounds like a great choice based on other articles… finally!