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‘Sexy Laundry’ hits the spin cycle this week

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman - Lethbridge Herald on February 16, 2022.

Herald photo by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman Jeff Carlson and Erica Hunt stage a scene from New West Theatre's latest production "Sexy Laundry" by Michele Riml during a media call on Tuesday at the Yates Theatre

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New West Theatre’s latest production Sexy Laundry by Michele Riml is coming to the Yates Theatre from Feb. 17 to Feb. 26.
Jeff Carlson and Erica Hunt bring the story of Alice and Henry who hit a physical plateau in their relationship after twenty-five years of marriage.
Sexy Laundry is a Canadian comedy that explores how love and intimacy evolve as people get older, after the emergence of love handles and receding hairlines. Exploring every fantasy from leather to lace, Alice and Henry portray every couple’s desire to grow together but maintain individuality.
“My character feels like there’s really something missing and so she has taken her husband here on this weekend to try to spice things up, and they are using a very fancy book called Sex for Dummies,” said Hunt.
Carlson said his character is not happy to be there because he believes the room is very expensive and they could have done that at home.
“It’s fun working with Erica because we realized as we’re doing this we have been friends for 25 years,” said Carlson.
Hunt said they have not been on stage together in a while, and therefore it is fun to have her old acting partner back.
“It is been like a reunion, where working with Erica seems like old times,” said Carlson.
Hunt said they actually have done plays in the past as a married couple so they are revisiting that in a lighter way.
“This should be a lot of fun, it’s supposed to be a comedy, it’s supposed to have a laugh and I think people will connect to it,” said Hunt.
She said there are multiple really funny comparisons that people can make with their own relationships in this play.
“Anyone who’s been in any sort of long(ish) term relationship, you know 5, 10, 15, 25 years, there is going to be a lot of elbowing going on in the audience,” said Carlson.
Hunt said they are expecting an audience of 16 years and older because of the mature content.
“I mean there’s nothing too raunchy or anything like that, but there is some language and, yes, just some material and stuff that comes up when you’ve been married 25 years and you’re trying to spice things up according to Sex for Dummies,” said Hunt.
To purchase tickets call 403-329 SEAT (7328), or visit http://www.enmaxcentre.ca
Tickets are also available for in-person purchase at the Yates Ticket Centre, located at 910 4 Ave S, and at Enmax Centre located at 2510 Scenic Drive South.

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