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Chamber CEO nominated as an RBC Woman of Influence in Canada

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman - Lethbridge Herald on March 9, 2022.

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Lethbridge Chamber CEO Cyndi Bester has been nominated as an RBC Woman of Influence in Canada.
“I was just thrilled to be nominated first of all and it was a shock, I had no idea my name has been brought forward,” said Bester.
She said it was overwhelming to be thought of as a women of influence in the whole country and she was very grateful to the person who nominated her.
Bester said she was nominated because of a strong history of business ownership in our region.
“I’m a second generation owner on a couple different businesses, a lot of the work I’m doing now as well I bring entrepreneurism into my role as the CEO of the chamber of commerce because we are in the voice of business,” said Bester.
She said that as a chamber team they have been able to bring policy forward on the municipal, provincial and federal levels.
“We came forward with a policy called the economics of addiction, because there’s economic impacts not just on our community but on our businesses and the way we feel about ourselves,” said Bester.
She said they had success at the municipal level and went all the way to the federal level and had full support when she presented it in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting.
Bester said another policy that she is very excited about and that was a reason for her nomination was a broadband policy.
She said they did a survey where it was found the downtown and north side areas had issues with broadband.
“We did not meet even the Canadian standard in our city and that’s a problem, so we brought that information forward municipally and then provincially and then we went federally,” said Bester.
She said that after they presented it federally Prime Minister Trudeau referenced it in some of his addresses.
“That is powerful for Lethbridge, but more importantly it is powerful for our province and our country. We need access, that is part of economic development,” said Bester.
She said there is rural development of broadband in the budget released last week, to ensure that more households in Alberta can connect properly.
“Those are wins, and I feel so honoured that it is my name that was on the women of influence,” said Bester.
She said she takes the title within the nomination but she is only as good as the team she works with.
“We’ll see how it goes I’m being encouraged to push for the national application, so I think I will do that, because not only does it showcase the strength of women, but it showcases the strength of Lethbridge in our region, in our province and that we’re an exciting place to be in,” said Bester.
Finalists for the awards will be announced on Sept. 14, with the Awards Gala on Nov. 23, 2022.

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