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NDP inflation plan aims to put cash back in Alberta pockets

By Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald on March 22, 2022.

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The NDP is suggesting $1 billion in relief will be coming for Albertans if they are elected when Albertans go back to the polls.
NDP Finance Critic and MLA for Lethbridge West Shannon Phillips made the announcement in Red Deer Monday morning.
Phillips along with NDP Children’s Services Critic Rakhi Pancholi and Seniors and Housing Critic Lori Sigurdson attacked the UCP government for what they said is the impact of their policies on Albertans.
“At today’s sky high inflation rates, what we’re proposing is a billion dollars in tax relief for Albertans,” said Phillips.
Phillips said if the NDP is elected in the next vote, “we will put money back in the pockets of Alberta families,” adding last week inflation reached its highest level in 30 years.
“The cost of everything is going up and many of those increases have come as a direct result of UCP policies,” said Phillips, citing tuition, car insurance, student loan interest, school fees and property taxes.
“All of those costs are going up directly as a result of specific public policy choices that the UCP and Jason Kenney have made,” Phillips said.
“As costs for families are being driven up, UCP is also de-indexing numerous benefits,” which means as inflation rises, the benefits don’t change in response, she said.
Phillips said everybody filing income tax will pay more because of the UCP.
“If we are elected, we will fix this problem. And we’ll allow all of our programs to fight inflation. We inflation-proof your budget by giving back more of your income taxes, more of the benefits you deserve at the same rate of inflation. If inflation goes up by five per cent, so does the income tax system,” she said.
“Under our plan we will see more help for families, seniors and the most vulnerable. This is a simple change with big benefits. And you will see this commitment in our election platform,” she said.

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