June 13th, 2024

CPC leadership candidate makes stop in Lethbridge

By Ry Clark - for the Lethbridge Herald on March 31, 2022.

Federal Conservative Party leadership candidate Joseph Bourgault was campaigning in Lethbridge Tuesday rallying support.
Bourgault is a Saskatchewan business owner of Bourgault Tillage Tools and founder of the non-profit organization “Canadians for Truth, Freedom, and Justice”.
The Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race has many potential candidates with Pierre Poilievre, Jean Charest, and Peter Mackay the current front runners. But Bourgault feels his position in the race will change because of his strong business background and his goals of putting profit back in Canadian’s pockets.
“One of the key things I (compare) is that we don’t tax a business before its profitable. So why would we tax our citizens before they’re profitable? That’s what the true poverty line is, it’s the point of profitability.”
Speaking at the campaign rally Bourgault spoke of his background, coming from St. Brieux, Sask., where he said he was born into a kind, nurturing community where he learned many life lessons that developed over his political career.
“We grew up in an environment of honesty and integrity in all things. [My parents] always stood up for what was right in the community. And even in national affairs, they would always stand up for what was right. We were a very low income family, so in order to have any money I had to start working at a very young age.” Bourgault spoke to the audience about the policies he would implement if elected as Prime Minister, focusing on the mandates, saying the way they were implemented forced many Canadians to make choices they were uncomfortable with.
“I would want to legislate, if possible, to make it illegal for anybody to be forced to do something against their free will. I mean, to me, that’s common sense. But in the country we’re living in right now it’s not common sense anymore.”
A comprehensive list of Bourgault’s policies and campaigning can be found on his website at http://www.josephbourgault.ca under the social tab.
“I think the number one purpose of me running is to tell the truth. As I see it, as I’ve learned it, and allow others to tell the truth as well. Is the goal to become leader of the Conservative Party? Absolutely. Is the goal to become Prime Minister? Absolutely. But telling the truth is the way, to me, to get there. If you’ll listen to me and other candidates, I think you’ll notice a difference.”

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