June 16th, 2024

Holy Spirit Catholic School Division’s E-learning school will operate under a new name

By Lethbridge Herald on March 31, 2022.

Holy Spirit Catholic School Division’s board of trustees voted on March 23 to rename the E-learning School to Trinity E-Learning School.
The name change comes after significant consultation and two surveys that were administered to give community feedback and the school division consulting with its Wisdom and Visioning Committee.
“We are so grateful to all those who provided their insights,” states Superintendent Ken Sampson. “The feedback collected not only gave us a sense of direction, it also provided us with additional wisdom for Board consideration. As a result, the Board also moved that the school community should discern about a patron saint who would pray for the school and its students.”
Those board of trustees that spoke in favour of the name Trinity highlighted that the previous identity for E-learning, Trinity Learning Centre, already had a rich history and well-established reputation.
Board chair Carmen Mombourquette, who was principal of the Trinity Learning Center when it first opened in 1997 said, “The original name for the Trinity Learning Center came from both the triune God meaning, as well as the importance of the unity between home, school, and community for the students. It is interesting to see how the name in this context is evolving to represent precisely what an online learning school should be by serving a multitude of students across the division, regardless of their grade or geographic location, as one unified school community.”
“This provides a renewed mandate for our E-Learning Program,” says Daniel Vanden Dungen, Principal of the Trinity E-Learning School. “Our next step is to ensure that our community is made aware of our innovative programming opportunities, not to mention our amazing staff who work tirelessly to create a thriving online learning community that balances flexibility and support.”
The next step will be to provide a formal blessing and ceremony for the new Trinity and E-Learning School.

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