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MP Thomas sees social media backlash over Trudeau comments

By Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald on April 1, 2022.

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Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas’ use of the word “dictator” to describe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is generating massive blowback on Twitter.
Shannon Phillips, NDP MLA for Lethbridge West, was among those who took the Conservative MP to task for her words.
“If she worked harder to deliver for the seat, she would earn respect. But she’s never done much and I find that far more problematic – for the lost opportunities, investments, jobs – than any foolish rambling she indulges,” the MLA tweeted.
“One’s job as an elected (official) isn’t to make ridiculous speeches in a fencing building, it’s actually to try to get infrastructure and other projects/investments/programs in our city.”
Phillips also tweeted in response to two others “I do not like when people in the replies cite that she’s from Lethbridge as the reason she beclowns herself. She’s bad at her job because she is incompetent, swimming in disinformation and ill-equipped for the role of a serious Parliamentarian. Leave Lethbridge out of it.”
Former mayor Chris Spearman also chimed in on Twitter saying “our representative in Ottawa,@RachaelThomasMP, embarrasses us yet again. Can we send Ms. Thomas to Russia so she can understand dictatorship firsthand?”
Spearman also tweeted “sadly this is the quality of representation when we elect #CPC in #Alberta #Lethbridge #yql Many of her constituents think @RachaelThomasMP is incompetent and an embarrassment.”
Devon Hargreaves, who ran for the Liberals in the last federal election, tweeted “I’ve been struggling to put into words my thoughts regarding Lethbridge’s Member of Parliament @RachaelThomasMP comments in the House of Commons.”
He then retweeted a comment made by a Calgary Twitterer staying “MP Rachael Thomas’ comments are an injustice to those who continue to live under dictatorships, corrupt & warmongering regimes around the (symbol for world) – many of whom literally murder their own citizens, restrict access to education, use child soldiers and vehemently deny gender equality.”
In the House of Commons this week, Thomas said many Canadians feel the prime minister fits the definition of a dictator.
On March 23, Thomas posted a tweet from a Member of the European Parliament named Mislav Kolakusic that stated “PM Trudeau, in recent months, under your quasi-liberal boot, Canada has become a symbol of civil rights violations. The methods we have witnessed may be liberal to you but to many citizens around the (symbol for world) it seemed like a dictatorship of the worst kind.”
Thomas put her own comment above that tweet, writing “I can’t say it any better than this”.
A request for comment made to Thomas’ office was not returned by deadline Thursday.
A retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces in Ontario tweeted “I want every Canadian to realize we are paying MP Rachael Thomas $185,000 to promote blatant misinformation. This is beyond embarrassing, the Conservative Party of Canada really needs to start thinking about what kind of image they want to be associated with.”
A Calgary Twitter user said “Many Canadians hold the view that Conservative MP Rachael Thomas (nee Harder) is sort of an idiot.”
Another person tweeted “can’t believe there are people who actually think dictators are democratically elected and can be removed through an election. What a time to be alive.”
Another tweeted “Many Canadians hold the view that Rachael Thomas is an irresponsible, populist demagogue. But most Canadians have never heard of her.”
One supporter of the MP tweeted “Rachael Thomas called out Justin Trudeau for being a dictator, good job madam. Next time call him out for being a low life piece of s*** scumbag.”

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Interesting that two of the persons who were quoted in the article (Phillips and Spearman) actually worked in concert to ruin our City/community. They are now attempting to point their crooked fingers at our MP Rachael Thomas, for their illgotten misconceptions regarding her incredibly accurate description of PM Trudeau.
Thankfully, one is of the two (Phillips and Spearman) is “out of office” and the other soon to be!

Last edited 2 years ago by HaroldP

…don’t forget the 3rd Harold…a Liberal wannabe who is unlikely to be in office.
The left gets nasty when you rain on their princes or princesses. The truth damages their self image and forces them into safe rooms and lashing out. ” Incompetent, swimming in disinformation and ill equipped” – sounds as if Shannon has been mirror gazing.
Sad really but then when have these folks ever had a positive thought about someone other than themselves.

As an aside, if you look around the world today while democratic governments are attempting to lessen the impact of inflation and high fuel prices on their citizens there are 2 clear exceptions : Putin – who seeks to strangle supply as a bargaining tool – and Justin T. who raises taxes to make home heating , transport and all that flows therefrom more of a burden. You can decide yourself who our “leader” feels is better company .

ps: Don’t the MP’s get a raise today as well ??