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ACA helps in making summer camp choice

By Lethbridge Herald on April 7, 2022.

Ry Clarke
for the Lethbridge Herald
After two years of closed or limited programming due to the pandemic, Alberta’s summer camps will be reopening.
The Alberta Camping Association (ACA) is working closely with camps across the province ensuring they have high quality programming while also maintaining safety standards to earn accreditation. Camps with an ACA accreditation can ensure campers and guardians its commitment to safety while delivering high quality programming.
Jessica Miller Switzer, executive director for Alberta Camping Association, says its ACA accreditation helps parents when selecting the best camp for their kids.
“Through the Alberta Camping Association, we develop and maintain standards for summer and youth camps in Alberta. By doing this, we help parents identify high quality, safe, inclusive, and fun camps to send their children to. Just as a parent would look for like a licensed daycare facility, it’s equally important to look for an accredited camp.”
Since 1971 the ACA has worked as a non-profit organization running accreditation inspections of summer camps across the province. For a camp to become ACA accredited, camps go through a year-long audit, review of policies, financial operations, programs, and facilities, which sets a standard for camps across Alberta that offer public assurance when visiting an ACA accredited camp.
Camps follow nine categories of standards including admissions, human resources, on site facilities and equipment, transportation, year-round camping, health care, and all types of programming in the area. ACA continually revises their standards, updating them to meet the changing environment, guaranteeing a feeling of confidence when choosing a camp with an ACA accredited Camp logo.
“Our standards are updated yearly, we revisit them every year. Then if there’s any revisions or changes that need to be made, they are voted on by our board. If they pass, then the new standard is created or altered,” said Miller Switzer.
The ACA links accredited camps through its website, albertacamping.com, making summer camp selection easier to search, along with continual education for its camps with conferences and training. With summer just around the corner the ACA’s accredited logo will help make the selection process a lot easier.
“If parents are looking for an accredited camp, they can look for our logo, or go to our website. Choose from a selection of camps that are members and accredited. Also, our website is a really good place if you have a young adult that wants to possibly work at a camp. There are jobs posted there as well.”
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