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Claresholm man gets 75 days for uttering threats

By Delon Shurtz - Lethbridge Herald on April 9, 2022.

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A Claresholm man who was arrested earlier this week after he threatened to kill a police officer, will spend a few weeks in jail for his intoxicated outburst.
Mark William King, 33, was sentenced to 75 days in jail after he pleaded guilty Friday in Lethbridge provincial court to charges of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm and breach of probation.
RCMP were called Wednesday to conduct a welfare check on King’s mother who lives in an apartment complex in Claresholm. A neighbour reported the woman was not answering her door, but when police arrived the woman opened the door allowing them into her apartment. She directed them to a bedroom where they found King sleeping under some blankets on the floor.
At the time King was subject to a probation order prohibiting from being in his mother’s apartment.
“When the male is awoken he immediately flies into a rage,” Crown Prosecutor James Rouleau told court. “He’s screaming, he’s shouting, he’s tensing, he’s flailing around.”
King was eventually arrested and handcuffed, but while he was being escorted toward the door he began yelling at the officer.
“You better not change your name in court or I’ll shoot in the head,” he told the officer. “If you change your name I’ll take you down like a terrorist.”
Duty counsel lawyer Brett Carlson said King was very intoxicated at the time and knew he shouldn’t be in his mother’s home contrary to his probation order.
Carlson pointed out King’s difficulties began after his family situation collapsed some years ago and he struggled to maintain employment and began drinking heavily.
“It’s alcohol that has really been his nemesis.”
Carlson said King was “quite disturbed” when he realized he had threatened the officer and wanted to plead guilty to the charges and accept responsibility for his actions.
Although handed a 75-day jail term, the sentence was reduced by five days to reflect time King spent in remand custody since his arrest. The judge also offered some words of advice.
“Can I make a suggestion to you, Mr. King? If alcohol is a problem and that’s what has led to this incident…do something about your problem. I’d suggest you get some counselling for your alcohol problem.”

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