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Cat rescue appeal denied by subdivision board

By Lethbridge Herald on April 16, 2022.

The City of Lethbridge’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board has denied an appeal from the Last Chance Cat Ranch (LCCR) to overturn a March 4 stop order.
The stop order had directed the cat rescue organization to stop operating an animal rescue “without the requisite Development Permit or rezoning” at 3321 6 Avenue S.
“We have just become aware that the appeal was denied,” said Elizabeth Ginn, founder of the LCCR in a statement on Thursday. “At this time we have no other response other than we are disappointed and devastated.”
The appeal board’s decision makes some revisions to the original stop order, including limiting “the number of volunteers attending the premises to a maximum of nine volunteers in a 24-hour period and a maximum of three volunteers at any given time.” The appeal decision also confirms all the other previous conditions of the stop order.
“Having regard to the merits of the application and sound planning considerations, the Board, based on the evidence…finds that the development from a planning perspective is not appropriate for the site under the current zoning,” reads a statement in the appeal decision.
Food deliveries will also be limited to once weekly, and within 30 days of being served with the order the facility is required to “cease all emissions of offensive odours entering neighbouring properties” or provide a plan to address odours, and to remove all advertising and references to the premises from the LCCR website and social media.
Within a year, the facility will be required to wrap up operations or “bring the use into compliance by applying for a rezoning and applicable development permit.”
Appeal Board members included David Gurr, Andy Cimolai, Walter Kalkan, Kent Perry and Kattie Schlamp.

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