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Council targeting misbehaviour in Public Places bylaw

By Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald on April 27, 2022.

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Lethbridge city council on Tuesday gave first reading to an amended public places bylaw as recommended by the Community Safety Standing Policy Committee.
The purpose of the bylaw is to clearly outline expected behaviour in public spaces. The proposed bylaw lists undesirable behaviours in the city including littering, public urination, spitting, graffiti, bullying, fireworks, weapons and panhandling.
A penalty of $300 for all offences is being proposed.
A report to council says the intent of the bylaw is to define expected behaviour and educate the public about community standards, not to persecute people.
A report submitted by Duane Ens of Regulatory Services says the current streets bylaw has provisions which city police use to address undesirable behaviours here. A working group looking to revamp the bylaw determined that it’s not the best place for provisions related to managing public behaviour. Streets bylaws are intended as a way of addressing matters that impede traffic and in other communities, it’s common to have a separate bylaw to identify undesirable behaviours in public spaces.
The report says “it is anticipated that, applied fairly and judiciously, the proposed bylaw will contribute to maintaining a safe and viable community.”

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Citi Zen

How are you going to get $300 from a homeless addicted neanderthal?


Citi Zen is a racist neanderthal, but I’m actually with him on this one.
This is stupid. No one will pay any fines, it won’t do anything.
The police have been consistently moving further and further away from criminalizing people experiencing homelessness, and often times won’t apply tickets or even arrests because they know it doesn’t do anything.
I mean, go ahead. Do this.
What does city council hope to achieve with this? Are they as functional as the people out there?