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Holy Spirit school division selects Edwin Parr nominee for 2022

By Al Beeber - Lethbridge Herald on April 29, 2022.

First-year teacher Sophia Larney has been named the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division's nominee for the Edwin Parr Award.

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First-year teacher Sophia Larney was thrilled to be named the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division’s nominee for the Edwin Parr Award.
The award recognizes excellence in teachers starting their professional careers.
Larney, a Lethbridge native, teaches a combined Grade 1-2 class at St. Paul School on the northside.
After earning a degree in environmental geography from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver where she studied for four years, Larney returned to Lethbridge to work in science research and decided to go back to school to get her Bachelor of Education at the U of L focusing on social studies and science education.
The Edwin Parr nomination is the latest accolade for the teacher whose work was also recognized with the Lois E. Mitchell Graduating Social Students Teacher Award from the History and Heroes Foundation and the William Aberhart Gold Medal in Education from the Alberta Teachers Association.
“It’s very exciting. I’m really humbled to receive the news; it’s been a pretty challenging year so it felt really incredible to be recognized for the work I’m doing in the classroom,” said Larney in a phone interview.
Larney said the pandemic has added extra challenges to the classroom environment with lots of students needing support.
“It’s been a busy year and as a first-year teacher it’s been a lot of learning and kind of trial and error but I’ve really enjoyed it,” Larney added.
“It’s been a really fantastic experience. I’ve definitely gained a lot of respect for teachers; it’s not an easy job and it takes a lot of work and it can be kind of challenging and exhausting at times but I feel really supported by the administration I have and the colleagues that I work with. And the students in my class are fantastic, that’s really the reason that brings me back every day. It’s really an incredible group of seven and eight-year olds and I love learning from them. I’ve learned just as much from them as I think I’ve been able to teach them so it’s been pretty fantastic to build a community in my classroom and really feel like we’re learning and growing together,” added Larney.
In a statement provided by the school division, St. Paul principal Gerry Muldoon said “Sophia is incredibly mature for one so young. She comes right into new situations, truly takes up the mantle and runs with it. She’s done this right from when she started her practicum with us and she continues to impress us with her flexibility and work ethic.”
Superintendent Ken Sampson said in a statement “Ms. Larney is a great addition to our division and a deserving nominee for the Edwin Parr Award. Her creativity and passion for education will undoubtedly serve her well in the future and I know I speak with many who look forward to witnessing her continued growth as a teacher.”
The Edwin Parr Awards are on May 18 at the Heritage Inn in Taber.

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