July 16th, 2024

Clarification Re: MP Rachael Thomas

By Lethbridge Herald on May 17, 2022.

In the April 1 article “MP Thomas sees social media backlash over Trudeau comments” by Al Beeber published in The Lethbridge Herald, it was not the intent of the story to infer that Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas thinks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a dictator. Later in the story, it specifically states that in the House of Commons the Lethbridge MP said many Canadians feel the prime minister fits the definition of a dictator. This explanatory paragraph should have been placed beneath the lead in Beeber’s story to make it clear the use of the term dictator was not directly attributed to the MP.
The Herald apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.

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Potato – Potato

What other things other people might believe has she brought up in parliament? Pathetic.


Benny the Bear and Buckshot say Fescue mindlessly waving in a prairie breeze in no specific direction. 😂


Some Canadians feel Rachael fits the definition of a moron. (Of course, this statement should not in any way be attributed to Sophie)


Small group Sophie. There are about six of you and they are all on here.


Probably another conspiracy?

It is interesting how thin-skinned the theo-conservatives really are. That they would ask for a ‘clarification’ for what was clearly a reprehensible statement Thomas made in Parliament …

Last edited 2 years ago by SophieR
pursuit diver

To Al Beeber – Thank you for the clarification! I guess the long arm of the PC’s reached out and touched you Al!
We all know what this MP meant, inferred, and tried to use to bring down the Liberals as the Cons were doing during this time when they openly supported the Freedom Convoy that by that way were demanding Freedom, along with ‘freedom of speech’.
Sounds about right that the Cons would stand for freedom while I can only assume it was they or Rachael who pressured the clarification in my mind.
It will only add to the long list of reasons why NOT to vote for the federal or provincial Conservatives since they both have gone to the dark side – in my mind that is!
I am so happy I shredded my PC card and had myself removed as a member!