July 19th, 2024

Police issue 44 tickets in traffic enforcement initiative

By Lethbridge Herald on June 28, 2022.

Lethbridge Police issued 44 tickets for various infractions and took two impaired drivers off the road during a weekend traffic enforcement initiative.
The goal of the enforcement plan, says the police service, “is to provide safer roads for all users, allow residents more peace and quiet, and alleviate demands on patrol members.
“Public complaints about speeding, racing, stunting and loud vehicles have increased of late, and the Traffic Response Unit (TRU) hopes to reduce such behaviours through a highly visible police presence.
In addition to two Immediate Roadside Sanction (IRS) Fails for drinking and driving, Traffic Response Unit members issued two IRS cautions and caught one suspended driver.
Seven vehicles were towed, including one for a loud exhaust. The 44 tickets issued were for various traffic violations including racing, driving while uninsured, window tint and open alcohol.
Police say the enforcement initiative will continue on random weekends over the next few months.
Residents with concerns about traffic issues in specific city areas, can report them at 403-328-4444.

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pursuit diver

Thank you!!!!
The issue shows just how disrespectful society has become towards others and needs a wake-up call. The blue Ford F-150 4 door pick-up that drives around with his boom box cranked up so loud you can hear it 6 blocks away and 2 blocks away the windows are rattling. He will be deaf in a year, or maybe he already is, since the speakers are within 3 feet of his head.
The motorbikes and cars that make semi truck noise seem quiet that love to circuit areas of the system purposely revving up their engines and running at high rpms with no mufflers or those loud muffpot exhausts and after market exhausts that do not muffle. It is pretty bad when you hear a small car that is 3 times as loud as a semi truck or a motorbike that is so loud you here it for several blocks as it races around, with some purposely revving up their engines beside parked vehicles until their security alarm activates.
Then there are those that cut you off, race in front of you, run stop signs with illegal tinted windows so you cannot see them and with license plate covers that make it hard to read their plate.
Lastly, the jacked up pick=up trucks with their illegal additional lights, with big tires and no mudflags to protect others from rock damage!
It almost has become the wild west type era!
Thank you for taking back our peace!