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Splatterhouse set to scare on All Hallows’ Eve

By Ry Clarke - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on October 25, 2022.

Herald photo by Ry Clarke Kevin Gray is ready to welcome trick-or-treaters on Halloween to his Splatterhouse along 10 Ave North.

Those looking for a fright this Halloween should make sure Splatterhouse is on their list of houses to haunt.

Lethbridge resident Kevin Gray is the creative mind behind Splatterhouse, located at 1279 10 Ave N., where he goes all out each Halloween to turn his normal everyday yard into the haunted house of nightmares. With plenty of ghoulish frights and blood-curdling jump-scares this house comes with a PG-13 rating.

“This is our first year back in our new location,” said Gray, noting that Splatterhouse used to be set up in his old neighbourhood on 6 Avenue S. across from the Civic Centre. “At our last place, I believe we got about 2,500 kids and adults. The lady straight across from me here said last year she got eight… and I said ‘I think you are going to get a little bit more than that this year’.”

With all out attractions, Gray sets up booths with locals to put on a show for those coming through his haunted house with gore and pumpkin nightmares to scare all in attendance.

“We consider it like a show,” said Gray. “We try to be very theatrical. I have six or seven people that dress up and mingle with everything and go in the maze and pretend to be mannequins. We mix about 25 to 30 gallons of fake blood, which is just corn syrup and food colouring.”

With a love for horror and hoping to share that passion with residents, Splatterhouse is put up for all those who love a little fright in their night.

“I just try, there’s not too many people that do a Halloween show. There is Creepy Hollow, that’s way out in Warner,” said Gray. “Mine is free, we do put a donation bucket out but its very low-key. We just throw it towards our power bill, fog machines and everything adds up after a little bit, but we make it happen.”

Using his savvy of Hollywood horror practical effects, Gray is able to use everyday skills to make sure the screams are as loud as possible.

“Practical effects from movies. I’ll take a white balloon and put coffee creamer in it and make it about the size of an eye, and I’ll put it in my mask and then cut it with scissors and it’ll squirt out,” said Gray. “It’s really simple and with the right lighting and good sleight of hand people don’t even notice that you’ve slipped a new one in and the next crowd comes in.”

Hoping to fill the neighbourhood with screams on All Hallows’ Eve, Splatterhouse will be the stuff of nightmares when the sun goes down on Oct. 31.

“People think this stuff is pretty cool,” said Gray. “I want everybody that wants to see it to come in. It’s for the love of doing it.”

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