June 14th, 2024

Local pharmacy helping students pursue post-secondary dreams

By Troy Bannerman - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on November 17, 2022.

Herald photo by Troy Bannerman Principal Cayley King received a donation from Vishal Sukhadiya, of the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, for scholarships for students at Victoria Park High School.

On Wednesday, Vishal Sukhadiya of Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy visited Victoria Park High School and presented Principal Cayley King with a $5000 scholarship donation.

This donation is going to be awarded to five graduating students to help them in their transition to post-secondary education.

“[When] I graduated it was through scholarships and low interest loans,” said Sukhadiya. “So, that was my idea to help the kids too.”

Sukhadiya emphasized the need for academic support from the community.

“This is the second year, I believe. This year was our first year with only Victoria Park High School. And it was an amazing response. Like, I feel every penny was worth it. Give all. That’s why I am trying to get the voice out. Even if you do $500, you know, once a year from your business income. Especially like some businesses, like pharmacies, we are really good businesses, you know. We did very well during COVID, and we’ll continue to do so well after that too. So, even it’s a little bit amount, but for those kids it helped big time.”

In response to the generous amount King stated, “Oh, our hearts are filled with gratitude, absolutely. Since the moment that Vishal from the Medicine Shoppe reached out it has been a difference maker. I think it has given us hope for some of our students who would otherwise not be able to afford to even begin the idea of planning for post secondary, whether post secondary includes the College, or different programs within the trades or the University. Students who leave high school and are faced with overwhelming costs when they don’t have ways to meet those costs tend to put off the idea of dreaming where they can go next with their education. And I believe that the generous donation of that scholarship money has allowed students to dream about where they would like to go and then help to make this a reality.”

Last year the recipients were surprised with their award from the Medicine Shoppe during their individualized graduation ceremonies. King recounted the students reactions.

“We then took the time to present them with the scholarship award from the Medicine Shoppe. And they had no idea. And they were over the moon. Some of them cried, some of them were shouting. Some of them were just a little bit in shock. And it was overwhelmingly positive to see each of them.”

Sukhadiya is hoping to continue to help high school students become post-secondary students for years to come through the Medicine Shoppe Scholarship Award.

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