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Angel Tree gifts ‘Christmas magic ‘ for those in need

By Lethbridge Herald on November 21, 2022.

Herald photo by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman Lethbridge Family Services’ Angel Tree campaign volunteers bundle up presents for children in need, during the campaign’s launch on Monday at the Angel Tree Toy Depot.

Alejandra Pulido-Guzman – LETHBRIDGE HERALD – apulido@lethbridgeherald.com

The 2022 Lethbridge Family Service’s Angel Tree Campaign has officially kicked off celebrating 30 years of collecting toys for those in need, and they are asking for the community’s support. 

“This is our 30th anniversary and we’re so proud of that fact. It started out with 300 children and we’re up to 3000 already and the list keeps growing,” said Michelle Galucci, Angel Tree Campaign director, during a media event on Monday.

Angel Tree volunteers this year started earlier as the demand has increased and they will need the extra time to create the gift bundles for over 3,300 children from newborns to 18 year olds. 

Co-chair of the Angel Tree campaign Trina Tymko said they wanted to be proactive this year and stressed the importance of donating early. 

“We already have almost 3000 children registered and have bundled 721 gift bundles. 

Angel Tree’s need for toy donations is now,” said Tymko. 

She asked those who can donate to please not wait until the last week to donate like last year, as that puts a lot of stress on everyone involved in the process and those families waiting for bundles. 

Each gift bundle is carefully packed for each child with something on their wish list, something inspirational to fuel their imaginations, something educational to nourish their minds, and something warm and cuddly. 

“We know the difference we’re making with all of the kiddos receiving all the gift bundles from Angel Tree. We also understand what they will be receiving in their gift bundles will most likely be all that they will receive until possibly next Christmas. We can’t do this without the generosity and the help of our community,” said Tymko. 

Gallucci called the Angel Tree campaign ‘illuminated hope’, a shared community experience. 

“Hope at every doorstep, the gift of caring and commitment, and plain and simple it’s Christmas magic,” said Gallucci.   

She said that the campaign is proof that kindness has a way of turning a full circle, as they recently received a donation from a person who had received gifts in the past. 

“When you see a paper Angel remember that it’s a wish from one child, each Angel waiting to be plucked is some kind of magic that we create because of the community spirit,” said Gallucci. 

Donations can be done in person at the multiple drop off locations found on their website at http://www.lfsfamily.ca 

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