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NDP release four-pronged alternative throne speech

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman - Lethbridge Herald on November 29, 2022.

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The New Democratic Party prepared an alternative speech from the throne where they highlight multiple ways they would bring positive change to the province if they were in power.

The speech was prepared by Calgary NDP MLAs Kathleen Ganley, Joe Ceci and Irfan Sabir. They highlight four areas that require their attention and showcase how and what they would do to make changes: building a stronger economic future, affordable living for all, ending the chaos/improving public healthcare and a better future is possible.

Ceci, a former finance minister under the NDP, spoke with The Herald on Monday and said the alternative speech to the throne is all about the intended audience of Albertans who are frankly concerned about the UCP government and the way they’re handling – or not handling – so many things.

“We address the chaos that’s being created by the UCP government in the area of healthcare, and we talk about how we would bring stability and investment, as well as the whole area of public health care across the province,” said Ceci.

He said it is a challenging time for many Albertans, particularly in Lethbridge and other cities in the same situation, where there are not enough primary care physicians for people and where the situation keeps getting worse under the UCP government.

“We wanted to address that head-on, talked to Albertans about how a better approach with the NDP government would be in six short months,” said Ceci.

He said to fix the healthcare system chaos will require a multi-pronged strategy in terms of frontline healthcare workers, the places where people have studied and their qualifications being recognized, as well as the post-secondary education opportunities and space.

“It’s multi-pronged in terms of those who already have their degrees and their licenses to practice, but to bring in more trainees and to acknowledge those people who have degrees elsewhere and their accreditation,” said Ceci.

He said he likes some of the things British Columbia is doing in terms of trying to attract more general practitioners to their province.

“We seem to be losing general practitioners because of the negative relationship this UCP government has had from the get-go with different members of the health professions, whether that be doctors, nurses, or support staff. We want to build on the abilities of our professionals and the UCP is showing that they don’t respect or care,” said Ceci.

In terms of bringing stability and investment to the province, Ceci said Albertans want the stability that Rachel Notley brought to government in the past.

“People are wanting that kind of stable, no nonsense, less chaos, less revolving door kind of ministerial approach than this UCP government is doing,” said Ceci.

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