June 24th, 2024

Craft project adds seasonal gifts for Meals on Wheels

By Ry Clarke - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on December 2, 2022.

Herald photo by Ry Clarke Students show off their arts and crafts made for those receiving meals from Meals on Wheels throughout the holiday season, Thursday at Ecole Anges Davidson Elementary School

Students from Ecole Agnes Davidson Elementary School are helping spread some Christmas cheer this holiday season with their artwork.

Partnering with Meals on Wheels, the social compassion project had students make cards, crafts, and art work that will be delivered to people receiving the meals for the month of December. During the month, each meal will be accompanied by a student work of art to help bring holiday cheer to each person receiving it.

“The kids get back more than they are giving out. They really enjoy knowing that the art they are doing has a purpose. It’s not just going up on a bulletin board or the fridge, it’s going to make a difference and brighten somebody’s day,” said Cynthia Greenfield, learning support teacher at Agnes Davidson. “They loved it, they have come every recess with all their materials waiting in the hallway ready to go.”

With around 450 kids working on the projects, there will be plenty of cheer to spread. “The teachers took it into the classrooms, talking about it with their kids,” said Greenfield. “Especially with COVID, a lot of them know somebody who is maybe trapped or unable to get out. I think they were really empathetic and could relate to the need that is out there.”

With pandemic restrictions limiting social interactions, many seniors in the community have had to quarantine and limit their interactions.

“COVID resulted in many seniors being isolated. Cynthia and I are friends, and we were talking about how to build those connections intergenerationally,” said Heather Bursaw team lead with Seniors Systems Navigation. “Talking about how to start to get those connections between older adults and younger people. We started with Christmas knowing that there are many seniors that are isolated over Christmas. Limited family and not getting out into the community. We wanted to try to bring some Christmas joy into their homes.”

Thinking of those still living through restrictions and unable to get out, the heartfelt work these students have done will help put a smile on somebody’s face this holiday season. “It is really important to build those connections and looking at being creative. A lot of older adults are still afraid of connecting in the community with the pandemic and the fallout. There is still a lot of impact, because these older adults are not feeling super safe coming out into the community and interacting in big spaces where there is potential for virus or risks related to that. Finding ways to connect with people in their homes is really important,” said Bursaw.

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