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Online auction raising funds for emergency youth shelter

By Ry Clarke - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on December 8, 2022.

Wood’s Homes is hosting its third annual online auction, running Dec. 8 – 15, with funds raised supporting its emergency youth shelter, The Core.

The program helps provide youth under the age of 18 with basic necessities like beds, food, showers, laundry, and crisis counselling. Funds raised during the auction will help with supports that are not necessarily covered in traditional funding, such as toiletries, clothing, haircuts, and winter clothes.

“Money raised goes to support the youth that access the Core,” said Sarah Shaw, team lead for the youth shelter. “We are funded through different avenues, but we do not get funding for individualized supports that our kids need.”

Since starting the silent auction, Wood’s has seen great support for the items listed and funds coming in.

“When we started the first year, we had approximately $20,000 raised, and the second year was just over $30,000,” said Coleen Campbell, funds development co-ordinator for Wood’s Homes.

The auction is going on until Dec. 15, closing just before midnight, and can be viewed at woodshomes.ca/how-you-can-help/attend-our-events/lethbridge-childrens-benefit-gala/

Over 100 items are featured in the auction, which have been donated by local business and individuals.

“There are two items that we are really excited about,” said Campbell. “They are two pieces of artwork from two of our clients that have over the years used our services and have gotten ahead in their life in a successful way. One is called ‘The Heart Can’t Be Played With’, and it is a picture of a heart with amazing intricacy. The other is ‘The Roar of Freedom’, and it tells how (the artist) got her freedom, it is a roar of lions. They each tell their story and it will be on the site for people to bid and read about.”

Helping youth in need get the resources they require, funding helps The Core.

“We give them the resources that they need, a lot of times we are helping with family conflict, we see a lot of that,” said Shaw. “During the height of COVID we were only able to have four of our beds open (The Core has eight beds currently). But since we opened up the other four beds in April of this year, we have seen an increase. Pretty much as soon as we open them, we are at six or more kids a night.”

Helping youth in need, Wood’s Homes online auction will help more than just the holiday shopper, giving back into the community.

“We have our programs that help other people, but you know you don’t really know about a place like Wood’s Homes until you need a place like Wood’s Homes,” said Campbell.

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