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Angel Tree Campaign pleads for final big push

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman - Lethbridge Herald on December 14, 2022.

Herald photo by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman Angel Tree campaign director Michelle Gallucci is hoping for a last push of community support as the campaign is in need of more donations to be able to still help over 500 children this Christmas.

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Lethbridge Family Services’ Angel Tree Campaign is in need of community support to be able to bring Christmas magic to their last group of children registered to receive bundles this year.

Angel Tree campaign director Michelle Gallucci said they have 502 children left to go and their depot is probably a third full of toys, so they do not have enough toys to finish those last 502 bundles.

“We are asking our community that has already been generous – super generous – to help us with this last little bit of children, so that every child has the same amount in their gift bundle and that every child has a little bit of magic in Christmas,” said Gallucci.

She said that with the number of toys they have left, they might be able to make 100 bundles, but they will still be missing just over 400.

“Keeping in mind that we don’t just give them one thing, we give them maybe three items in their gift bundle, and we don’t have any toques, or mittens, or socks for our little children and we are really low on cars and trucks,” said Gallucci.

She said cars and trucks get asked for a lot as well as makeup for tweens and teens and they have none.

“We are going to have to do another shop trip. We already spent in the last week alone almost $25,000 in shopping which is why we do fundraising, but it slows us down and we have time limits on how many we can do a day, that we can get the bundles to the families,” said Gallucci.

She said they will take either monetary donations or toys, no matter how small.

“We will take as much as anyone can give. I received a $10 donation online the other day and we value every single donation,” said Gallucci.

She said if they need to shop or they get the toys, they will continue to bundle. Gallucci said they will be accepting donations all the way up to Dec. 24 but ideally need all donations done by Dec. 16 to be able to have enough time to shop if necessary as well as time to make the bundles and distribute them.

“We have a list that we still need to tackle, which has a lot of little kids on it asking for dolls, soccer balls, Barbies are always a good thing, and anything sports related,” said Gallucci.

She said they have nothing sports-related at the moment, they are also in need of science kits and books for all ages.

“We are so grateful for everything that we have received from the community so far. Thank you, Lethbridge. We know it’s a difficult year for everyone but let’s push through to get those last 500 bundles done,” said Gallucci.

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