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Family pulls together in wake of terminal cancer diagnosis

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman - Lethbridge Herald on December 14, 2022.

Submitted photo - A fundraiser is being organized to support Amanda Strange and her children as she battles terminal breast cancer.

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A Lethbridge resident who has raised money for various causes is organizing a fundraiser for five children dealing with their mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis, to provide them with a special Christmas this year.

Lethbridge resident Maggie Hall is collecting donations of all kinds for 36-year-old Nobleford resident Amanda Strange’s family. Strange was diagnosed with terminal metastatic breast cancer in February this year and was given a few months to live.

“She was diagnosed with breast cancer approximately three years ago and in February of 2022 she found out that it had spread, and it was also terminal. She was given three to four months to live and in May her mom Nancy and stepfather went to get her in Kelowna, BC, and moved her and her children to Nobleford so they could care for her,” said Hall.

Hall said that to everyone’s happy surprise Strange is still holding on and in November underwent brain radiation.

She said Strange has good days and bad days while going through her treatments.

“Couple of weeks ago when she went for treatment for her brain radiation, they found seven tumours,” said Hall.

She said the fundraising is to help the family with a variety of things. From some medical costs that are not covered, to financial stress of daily life.

“Mostly for the children because they’re going to lose their mom and the grandparents now are going to be raising those children,” said Hall.

She said she is hoping to gather a variety of gift cards for the children and grandparents.

“I just want to make this Christmas extra special for them this year,” said Hall.

She said Strange’s children are 15, 13, 12, 10 and five years old.

“On Friday Dec. 23 at the Honkers Pub and Eatery they’re hosting a dinner for the family and whatever I’ve collected for the family we’re going to present that to them at the dinner,” said Hall.

She said they have arranged a photoshoot as the family does not have a picture of Strange with all her children together in one photograph.  

Hall said there is a Christmas tree at Honkers Pub and Eatery with cut out ornaments with some of the children’s wishes for Christmas.

“People can just go in there, pick out an ornament and go buy that and bring it back to Honkers,” said Hall.

She said that unfortunately when they started the fundraising they did not know if Strange was going to be around and therefore there is nothing in the tree for her. But she is hoping to get something for Strange as well, perhaps a spa treatment to do with her mom to relax from all the different stresses that come along with her terminal diagnosis.

“Any little bit helps,” said Hall.

Those interested in donating can contact Maggie Hall at maggie.h.40@hotmail.com

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