June 17th, 2024

‘Lady C’ injects street dance skill into upcoming LCI production

By Ry Clarke - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on December 17, 2022.

Herald photo by Ry Clarke Caroline "Lady C" Fraser teaches pop and lock techniques earlier this month to Geordan Olson's grade 10 to 12 dance class at LCI.

Students at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (LCI) got to experience an exposition of street dance earlier this month from professional dancer Caroline “Lady C” Fraser.

Coming from Toronto to Lethbridge, Lady C brought with her a collective knowledge of dance, working with groups like the Symbiotic Monsters Crew, Ebnfloh Dance Company, and currently the Holla Jazz Company. She taught students in the LCI dance class all about the pop and lock techniques that make up street dance.

Lady C helped students in Geordan Olson’s dance class for two days giving them skills and moves to use in their upcoming show at the Yates Memorial Theatre in Break Through, Feb. 1 – 2.

“I am teaching them the actual styles and the techniques of the dances, but then I also did a piece of choreography that is maybe going to make it into the show,” said Fraser. “The kids here are awesome. They are really open minded and willing to try and give 100 per cent effort. That’s what I care most about, a good group of kids in a good program.”

Artistic director of the LCI Arts Academy Dance Program, Olson notes the importance of bringing in experts to teach these skills.

“Lady C brings the true culture of street dance into our classroom. She has trained with ‘OGS’. She knows the rich history behind the styles she teaches, which has been an incredible experience for the students,” said Olson.

Noting the connection youth share with street dance, Lady C’s dance teachings explore new ways of body connection and movement.

“Today we are working on popping. The technique of the pop is like flexing your muscles to the beat of the music,” said Fraser. “You have to have a funky feel in your body as well as flexing your muscles. Yesterday I did locking, which is a dance form that comes from Don Campbell. It has to do with locking or stopping up your body.”

LCI’s Dance Academy looks to bring in these experts to help elevate the education students are receiving.

“We bring in world-renowned people from all over Canada and North America to teach them. Students are super open and receptive to new people coming into the room with new skills. They have never done popping or locking before and this has been a really great experience for them to have a deeper understanding of those two dance styles.”

Helping master new skills in dance forms not regularly seen, Lady C’s education will help dance students master the craft with a greater understanding.

“It’s important as a teacher to be a guide on the side and to facilitate cool and incredible experiences for students,” said Olson.

“When we bring in the best of the best, they are getting a deeper knowledge of dancing because they are getting it from the source of the knowledge.”

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