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Neuron plans return for spring

By Ry Clarke - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on December 22, 2022.

Herald file photo Neuron Mobility wrapped up the riding season earlier this fall after launching in the city in April.

Neuron Mobility has wrapped up the first riding season of its e-scooters and e-bikes here in Lethbridge.

Launching back in April 2022, Lethbridge riders have travelled over 430,000 kilometres on Neuron’s devices, with an average trip 2.6 kilometres and over 14 minutes of ride time. Expanding its riding area three times during that period, with the last expansion opening the College to Neuron’s riding zone, portions of the city have become more accessible to residents thanks to these e-mobility devices.

“It has been a phenomenal year for us in Lethbridge,” said Isaac Ransom, head of Government Relations Canada for Neuron. “Lethbridge showed us there was a lot of demand for e-scooters. The year, what we saw was over 400,000 kilometres traveled this year. We saw people using the scooters for getting around the city, but also helping spur economic activity and Neuron’s scooters contributed significantly to the local economy. Each scooter generated $6,300 that was spent at a local business. Which had a $3.2 million impact on the local economy.”

Noting support for Neuron helped encourage its first year in Lethbridge, Ransom says they are excited to see what the next year will bring.

“We are seeing continued demand and continued requests to service more areas of the city to meet that demand and the requests of our riders,” said Ransom. “We have a very good working relationship and things are flexible in terms of when we can operate. I think we will be back in the spring sometime. If not sooner, we have operated in the winter and other jurisdictions and I think there is always a possibility that we can get a fleet out. But I think, ideally, we are going to be tracking for spring next year. Making sure when the thaw happens, the scooters are there and people can take advantage of them.”

Ransom says the season in Lethbridge has been helpful to learn about the marketplace and demand for this kind of service.

“Lethbridge has proven to be a really unique market,” said Ransom. “Cities like Lethbridge, people really embrace another way of getting around. They appreciate having an accessible service that they can get on whenever they want and go wherever they need to. That is a huge advantage for a lot of people.”

Looking forward to the next season, Neuron will continue to provide alternative e-mobility transportation to its riders in 2023.

“The city has been fantastic. It has been great to work with the community and stakeholders, supporting events, and we are looking forward to coming back when the weather permits next year,” said Ransom.

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