June 24th, 2024

LPS investigating mischief at St. Francis Jr. High

By Lethbridge Herald on January 28, 2023.


Lethbridge Police are investigating after a city school sustained fire damage Thursday night.

At approximately 11:51 p.m. police responded to an alarm at St. Francis Junior High along the 300 block of 18 Street South. Police found a window on the northwest side of the building had been pried open and two windows were slid open on the east side of the building after their locking mechanisms had been tampered with. 

Fire and smoke damage was observed inside a total of three rooms.

Members of K9 searched the building but no subjects were located.

Police and a fire investigator with Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services continue to investigate.

A damage estimate is not available at this time.

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So setting fire to a school is now considered “mischief”.

pursuit diver

Public mischief is a hybrid offense, depending on the property damages caused in the actions. The Crown can decide whether to proceed as a summary conviction or indictable. Vandalism is public mischief. Breaking someones window in a vehicle is public mischief.
Singapore has a the right idea: a public caning in public for these types of offenders, as well as restitution paid.
We all know who the perps were! The same group that destroys downtown, broke into other buildings here, including the park and ride terminal when they destroyed the inside and the vending machines and of course the taxpayer pays in the end!
The same band of rebels that we label the most vulnerable who refuse to stay in shelters so they can stay on the streets and commit crimes all night.
It is time they were charged and the bleeding hearts that call foul, be ignored. It is time we ended this!!!!!!

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