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Neudorf under fire for Red Deer hospital remarks

By Lethbridge Herald on January 28, 2023.

Al Beeber

Minister of Infrastructure and MLA for Lethbridge East Nathan Neudorf is under fire for comments he made Thursday in Red Deer about expansion of that city’s hospital.

According to the Red Deer Advocate newspaper, Neudorf, who is also a Deputy Premier, stated at a public information session that “There are complexities that most of the general public doesn’t understand and it’s difficult to explain to them because it’s tedious and very time consuming.”

Neudorf, according to the newspaper, said the the main message the UCP wanted to make at the session was that “construction of a healthcare facility is complex” compared to other public buildings.

His comments prompted a response from Red Deer NDP candidate Michelle Baer who said she was “shocked by his arrogance.”

Baer, who is running in the riding of Red Deer-South added ”for the Minister to imply that residents wouldn’t understand the complexities of its construction and the delay is a slap in the face. The UCP should be taking ownership of the delay and committing to finishing the work instead of making up excuses and avoiding responsibility.”

Red Deer-North NDP candidate Jaelene Tweedle in a statement called Neudorf’s remarks “condescending and dismissive. I can assure Minister Neudorf and our local MLAs Adriana LaGrange and Jason Stephan that residents of Red Deer and central Alberta deserve a lot better than the UCP’s delays and attacks.”

The newspaper states that Neudorf said the provincial government is targeting completion of the hospital project “by 2030, 2031 or sooner.

“We have two recent experiences in the province that are very similar in size: we’ve got Grande Prairie Hospital, which took 12-14 years, … and we have the Calgary Cancer Centre that took six to seven years,” he said, according to the Advocate.

“This is about setting expectations so they know what they’re going to get and when they’re going to get it. I want to underpromise and overdeliver, not overpromise and underdeliver.”

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Heads up Nathan, here comes the NDP s—t Truck mob.
Get the NDP to explain the complexities of building a health modern day health facility.

Last edited 1 year ago by buckwheat

If, as stated by Mr. Neudorf, the responsibilities accompanying the position of MLA are too “tedious and very time consuming”, perhaps Mr. Neudorf should consider resigning.

Is it not feasible, then, to think that this must have been the same rationale applied by Mr. Neudorf when he admitted publicly that he did not read the Alberta Sovereignty Act prior to voting in favour of it?

How much more of his position as MLA does Mr. Neufeld find “tedious and very time consuming?”


yup, too much for neudork to comprehend…still trying to memorise what the premier’s office has told him.