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Police warn of possible traffic delays due to planned convoy

By Lethbridge Herald on January 28, 2023.


Lethbridge Police are advising the public of possible traffic disruptions inside and outside city limits as a result of a planned convoy from Lethbridge to Coutts Saturday.

Participating vehicles are expected to depart Lethbridge Saturday morning and travel to Coutts along Highway 4 before returning to the city for a private event.

Motorists can expect possible delays heading out of the city along Highway 4 starting at 8 a.m. Upon returning to Lethbridge, the convoy is expected to travel northbound on Howe Road/Range Road 211, turn westbound on the Jail Road, connect with northbound 43 Street and proceed westbound on 5 Avenue North ending the route along the 3200 block.

Anyone with travel plans in those areas is advised to expect delays or consider taking alternate routes.

Milk River RCMP are also advising the public of potential delays or disruption on Highway 4 which may affect the flow of traffic from Lethbridge to Coutts on Jan. 28 anytime between 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Alberta RCMP and partner organizations will be present to ensure that the impact on travellers will be minimized and to ensure traffic disruption will not affect public safety. 

RCMP will provide updates as needed and thank the public for their cooperation. For ongoing up-to-date highway conditions, check 511 Alberta.

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Typical ominous clap trap from the Herald. “Warn”, how about “advise” as in giving traffic advise on the five o’clock weather.


Wrong. Advice is something given to help or assist with something. A warning is to let you know of an issue that may cause you distress. It is a perfect title!


Wrong. Having to take a different route causes you stress, pretty weak. Get over yourself. . Any other kind of parade you’d have nothing to say.


Diff between a parade and a bunch of morons is the morons drive like jerks.


doesn’t take much of anything to distress the frightened masses anymore


yup, yellow as urine journalism and its sensationalist language and “perspectives” is rife.


This is crap. They protested for their own selfish needs.


What selfish needs are those.


“this is crap…” we already know this about your entries


Your entries are old and tired as your excuse about body fluids yet you still eat meat.

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