June 14th, 2024

Lethbridge College open house welcomes prospective students

By Justin Seward - Lethbridge Herald on February 14, 2023.

Herald photo by Justin Seward Amber Deutsch and Stefan Joesph talk about the Lethbridge College Student Association to prospective students on Saturday during the Winter Open House.

Hundred of prospective students – 540 in total – had the opportunity to explore all the options Lethbridge College has for fields of study during the Winter Open House on Saturday.

“We focus a little bit more on inviting prospective students and their family and friends to come and see the campus,” said Sara Riehl, Open House organizer and LC’s team lead of recruitment.

“But also like our exciting classrooms, to participate in some activities, we have (our) brand new . . . E-Sports team – so we kind of organized a mini drop-in E-Sports tournament so students can see what this is all about. All of our programs are here so students can talk to instructors but also to current students.”

Riehl thinks prospective students like the perspective of current students because they can relate to them and ask questions.

“Sometimes with instructors, they don’t feel as comfortable asking them the same questions as they would to a current student,” said Riehl

“I think that is really good relationship-building. Sometimes they connect on a level and when they become students they see these current students running around, too. So there’s already a friendship or connection built.”

Riehl wanted the prospective students to learn that LC is welcoming, inclusive and there is an open door for anyone and everyone.

There was a mixture of mature and high school students in attendance.

Niculina Jensen, Lethbridge College Student Association’s vice president of operations and finance, said it’s nice to see everybody come and see what we have here at the college.

“Because a lot of students don’t really know what they want after graduation,” said Jensen.

“And so having these open houses closer to grad helps them determine what interests them, what’s involved, some have exciting things to see that they would potentially do in that program. It gives them a chance to talk to the instructors that are a part of the program, get an idea of any questions they may have and how it’s run and it helps them determine if they want to register. We do have a lot registering this year already. So it’s a good way to give them a snapshot of what they’re dreams are and what could potentially be.”

Jensen said smaller class sizes huge difference for students.

“They become more of a community,” she said.

“Lethbridge College is considered a community. Instructors get to know the students more one-on-one. We’re not such a number compared to bigger universities.”

Eric Allan applied for the Multimedia Production program.

“I’ve been into editing and videos and stuff like that for pretty much ever since I learned how to use a computer,” said Allan.

“And the program here, like it explores a lot of horizons in that area.”

He said there’s a lot going on here but it’s not overwhelming.

“All the booths are really well represented and all the people who are helping out and representing the booth itself are really friendly and accommodating,” he said.

“So it’s been really positive and a good experience here.”

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