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CCH raises the curtain on ‘The Addams Family’

By Troy Bannerman - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on March 10, 2023.

Submitted photo The cast of Catholic Central High School's production of "The Addams Family" runs through a scene ahead of the school's performances set to open tonight.

Braden Dalton is excited about the work his students at Catholic Central High School have put into their production of “The Addams Family.”

The production opens today and runs through March 18.

Art students designed and created the incredible background and backdrops, and the performers have been working on their roles since October 2022.

Dalton noted that school performances slowed down during the pandemic.

“The first year of school when the pandemic hit we were actually cancelling our show because of the pandemic. The first full school year we were unable to do anything due to restrictions and just general safety guidelines which was quite sad for us. Last year we had another teacher who was covering half time and he was able to put together a student-led production which we held outside in the community at Southminster United Church. So this is our first year being back inside our own theatre and we are happy to be there. This will be the first show to take place in the School since prior to the pandemic,” said Dalton this week.

“Our students started the production. We actually started the process back in October. Our students are auditioning for parts and then we cast our show. And then basically through November all the way up to our production here in March students are here.

Students spend time after school doing acting rehearsals, singing rehearsals, and choreography practice.

Dalton stated that the students involved with the production will take more than just memories away from this production.

“Cast members who audition and earn a part actually earn credits towards their high school diploma. And this year we have 34 students earning credits towards musical theatre 15 or 25 level classes that they can use towards scholarships, they can use towards attaining their diploma. And then we also have about 20 kids also joining us on the crew side, helping out with running the technical side of things with lights and sound, who help out with scene changes and costume changes, help do hair and make-up on the downstage, backstage side of things as well.”

Dalton says the show will pay homage to previous renditions of “The Addams Family.” “We’re hoping for sold-out shows. Right now our ticket sales have room to go still. So we have lots of room on most of our nights. Closing night, I believe, is sold out which is awesome for our students. It’s a good chance for them to celebrate with their family and friends in the audience. And we are definitely looking for anyone who is interested in coming to see he Addams Family. It plays off of the old comic strips, the cartoons, the original live action TV show and films. There’s a little bit of everything kind of peppered into it.”

Dalton said “we’re just excited to be here. It’s been a long process of getting back into the rhythm of things at Catholic Central High School, but our students have been working their tails off and are ready for an audience if people are interested and they’re not afraid to laugh and applaud and enjoy a good show and one night with their family and friends then that’s who we are looking for to hopefully come join us through the next week and a half. Right now the students are throwing hair and makeup together and trying to get ready.”

Most performances are at 7:30 p.m. But on Saturday, Sunday and Saturday, March 18 CCH will also stage a 1:30 matinée.

Tickets are available for purchase at cch.holyspirit.ab.ca/.

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