June 22nd, 2024

Allied Arts Council looks to strike a musical note this summer

By Troy Bannerman - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on March 11, 2023.

Herald photo by Troy Bannerman Emma Aubie and Tara Gillanders are looking for musicians for upcoming Allied Arts Council events and projects.

The Allied Arts Council is hunting for musicians for their summer programs, Tara Gillanders, the projects and membership manager of the Allied Arts Council, said in a recent interview.

“Every year we do a lot of programming and I’m always looking for musicians, either individuals or groups. I do have opportunities all through the year. And I have a very thorough list of a lot of the musicians who play here in Lethbridge, but I am also looking for, you know, maybe there are some people who I haven’t heard of yet or maybe new people or people who haven’t put themselves forward. So I’m always looking for people,” said Gillanders.

“All the opportunities are paid opportunities. We believe in paying artists for their services. And there are a variety of events that we support throughout the year that support performing artists. So, I’m looking for some new talent to possibly play. There are multiple opportunities throughout the year at different events that we host or produce. We do an Upside Downtown concert series in July and August on Rotary Square every Thursday night from 5-7. We also do Arts Days in the fall. I’m always looking for artists and performing artists to participate in that event. And also for Arts Days,” she said.

There are also other opportunities; with CASA celebrating its tenth anniversary in May. So the AAC might be looking for some musicians for that particular event as well.

“We support a lot of performing artists, as well as visual artists. Last year was a really big year for us, and I’m just looking for some new people that we aren’t aware of,” said Gillanders.

“Last year we probably had over 100 artists or bands that we supported. It was a significant number. This year will be a little bit less because we are not doing Arts in the Park. Thirty to 50 probably, individual performances, if not more. Lethbridge is a very creative community and we are just looking to support local artists.”

Gillanders stated that “we are open to all sorts of musical genres. Throughout the year we hire from very inexperienced artists who probably have never played in public before all the way up to groups that are sort of well known locally and we support them and professional artists as well. But the bottom line is we are just looking for anybody who has an interest in playing music live and just getting in touch with us. And us being able to have that connection so I am able to reach out if opportunities present themselves.

The AAC is looking for musicians for summer, July and August, into September as well. People can reach her at projects@artslethbridge.org

Gillanders noted that, “I am looking for some great high energy either single performer or band to perform. We are looking for two sets of 45 minutes each. You know, generally their own music, but not exclusively. And just somebody who can really hold an audience. It’s a super fun outside event. You know, after work people come down for a drink and listen to some great live music. So, if you are a band who thinks you would be interested in that sort of performance, get a hold of me, for sure.”

Gillander spoke highly of Blackfoot performers that she worked with, “Richard Inman played for us last year. He’s a fantastic artist. And we are hoping to hire him again this year. And as well we’ve been more focused on Indigenous dancers, those sort of performers. Sandra Lamouche, she’s an extremely talented hoop dancer, and I am always looking for more people and more names and people to connect with in the community.” But said, “the Pogorzelski brothers are good Metis jiggers, but I didn’t know any Metis fiddlers. That would be fantastic. Again, a wide range of musical stylings and also dance groups, dance troupes. We support a lot, but if they are new groups that have formed, we’d like to know about them.”

“We really want to make sure that we are reaching out in the community and that people are aware of work that is being done by our organization to support local artists and develop the artistic scene here in Lethbridge. We want to increase the awareness that these opportunities are here and we are looking for people. So, if they want to reach out, that would be great.”

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