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Friday the 13th was nothing to fear at Creepy Hollow

By Lethbridge Herald on October 17, 2023.

Herald photo by Steffanie Costigan Glory Reimer, Victoria Holmes, Jolene Draper, friend pose for a picture before the Creepy Hollow Friday the 13th Fright Fest began.

Steffanie Costigan

Friday the 13th is said to be a superstitious day when bad luck occurs but a spooky business out in Warner decided to turn their luck around with “Friday the 13th Fright Fest.”

Last year Creepy Hollow experienced a loss with their haunted mansion burning down. This year they turned their luck around hosting not only a night of fright, but a ghastly concert along with an eerie costume contest. Supervisor at Creepy Hollow Victoria Holmes shared the fun fright happened at the Friday the 13th fest.

“The music is (going to) be pumping, and they’re gonna feel it in their veins. And then they’re (going to) go into the Forbidden Forest or the any of the property and then it’s going to really pump in their veins because they’re going to be screaming,” said Holmes.

Holmes said the fright fest had four local bands that came out to participate. Lead singer in Jolene Draper and the Inquisitive Few, Jolene Draper said Friday the 13th does not frighten her, and she is happy this spooky day has landed in October.

“I’m not feeling afraid in any way of Friday the 13th. I just want to embrace the fact that there’s a Friday the 13th in October and we’re (having a) creepy Halloween party,” said Draper.

Creepy Hollow’s  been operating in Warner for a couple of years –  previously they operated as a haunted mansion in Stirling. 

Holmes recalled the moment she was aware the haunted mansion was on fire.

“We were all playing cards. We were having a good time. And then Richard ran in screaming ‘fire!’ We dropped our cards, and we booked it outside of Monster Hall. And all of a sudden, we see smoke, and it’s after 10, almost 11 o’clock at night,” she described.

“We need something going for us ever since the fire. We need something that’s positive,”Holmes added emotionally. 

Draper said her inspiration for a particular song she sang at the fright fest came from a Danny Elfman who has worked on music for Tim Burton movies. 

“I was watching some of Danny Elfman’s first band. (He) writes everything for Tim Burton films. And he’s amazing, but his first time was called ‘Oingo Boingo.’ I was watching him play a song that we’re going to doing tonight called ‘Dead Man’s party’. I just fell so in love with it.”

Holmes emphasized Creepy Hollow is family-friendly and is open throughout October from 4-9 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays from 2-10 p.m. 

“We’re definitely rising like a phoenix right now. And I’m hoping that tonight is just going to bring more people and say, ‘ that was really cool.’ Let’s go again next year. Let’s get some more regulars coming because it’s always ever changing. It’s never going to stay the same,” said Holmes.

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