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Spiritual market running Saturday

By Lethbridge Herald on October 20, 2023.

Steffanie Costigan

The annnual spiritual “Free Your Soul Market” is preparing for local artisans, intuitive readers, psychics, mediums, card readers and healers to showcase their works and practises this Saturday at the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association Multicultural Centre. 

Free Your Soul Market owner and event coordinator Deidra Clay, recently shared the history of the market’s beginnings.

“There was a spiritual market that was hosted before. And the event coordinator for that market had decided to pass that previous market down to me – there was some issues with the name. So we decided to go with a rebranding. . . why we put this market on is to help bring a bit more awareness and visibility to people, entrepreneurs within this sector,” said Clay.

The market runs Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free. 

Clay said a lot of  vendors have not had the opportunity to sell their products so it’s an opportunity not only for them but others as well.

“They haven’t been able to be seen or taken seriously for a while. And now it’s just an opportunity to be able to let them be seen, let them be heard and be able to help and support those looking for this kind of support as well.”

Clay said the market caters towards the mysticminded and helps community members explore other means to healing.

“We obviously cater to the mystical, the psychics, mediums, healers, that kind of genre. It’s really just to help people to explore other ways of healing, other ways of connection and community that might have been not available to them,” said Clay. 

“We have a plethora of healers, readers, psychics, me mediums, as well as a lot of crystals and handmade goods as well. And basically, it is always a buzz in that the energy is always very high, very supportive,” said Clay when explaining what visitors can expect. 

“We usually recommend to anybody that’s new to the market, or is coming through the doors, is just to take a moment to get used to feeling that high vibrational energy, take a lap around and see where you’re drawn to. See who you feel connected to.”

Various kinds of readings will be on hand Saturday including tarot card, healings, and fingerprint readings.

“It’s an open and safe place to explore.Some people might feel a little nervous or scared to come through the door. But it’s an open and safe place to be there and we’re just looking to help support. So yeah, there doesn’t have to be any apprehension,” she said.

“The main purpose is to allow for that connection, that healing, that guidance that people might be looking for at this time as well.”

Clay said though admission is free, donations are accepted at the door and go towards the BC and Alberta Guide Dogs organization which provides training to puppies to become guide dogs. 

“One of our vendors, her daughter is actually blind. . .and has wanted to grow some awareness and support for the guide dogs.” 

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