July 14th, 2024

Company says security systems offer peace of mind

By Steffanie Costigan - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on October 25, 2023.

Safety and security are on the minds of people but how can a homeowner or business deter crime when they’re present or away?

Local home security company Guardian Security Solutions voices the “peace of mind” homeowners can have leaving their home throughout the day safely secure.

Company president Nick Nicolacopoulos shared the peace of mind and safety home security brings to households.

“The importance of a good security system is giving you that peace of mind so that you can be comfortable, that you’re not just protecting your assets and their home, but you’re also protecting your family from coming home to a dangerous situation,” said Nicolacopoulos.

Nicolacopoulos’company has been in business in Lethbridge since 2005. He said there is no unexpected surprises when you have a home security system and over the years security has advanced.

“There’s no surprises in store for you behind the door when you get there. That’s really why I tell people to get a home security system. There’s a lot of things that have happened over the years in the evolution of security home security systems.”

Among those advances, Nicolacopoulos listed some of the tools that have become a part of the home security:

“Door sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, smoke detector, water sensors, and temperature sensors.”

He added alerting homeowners of water damage has become an important tool insurance companies like homeowners to have.

“(Its) something (we have) added to the mix because the insurance companies now almost mandate, because water damage is becoming one of the most costly things for insurance companies. A lot of the insurance companies are very happy when customers get monitor water detection in their homes because that’ll stop the damage from getting too bad,” said Nicolacopoulos.

He said though these extra tools in a home security system are nice the most important ones are the alarms that go off when someone breaks in.

“I’m still of the mind that you need to protect the house first. And the doorbell camera and the driveway camera are great. But they’re not going to stop somebody from breaking into your home,” he said.

A sensor that is triggered when someone breaks through a door or window or a motion detector that picks up someone who begins moving through the home will prompt sirens to go off, he said.

Nicolacopoulos emphasized the peace of mind homeowners can have knowing when they leave their home is safe and secure.

“It’s to give you peace of mind. It’s, it’s to help you to feel comfortable, in that when you’re coming into your home, when you leave and go away from holidays, or just going to work for the day. Then coming home, you’re coming home to the home that you know, is safe and secure.”

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is this for real?! was this ad-disguised-as-news a source of revenue for the herald? simply a favour to the sleazy company? pathetic either way.