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Superheroes, monsters, Barbie and Pokémon prove costume favourites

By Lethbridge Herald on October 28, 2023.

Sales associate Sarah Burton says there are plenty of options for those still trying to decide on a Halloween costume. Herald photo by Alejandra Pulido-Guzman

Alejandra Pulido-Guzman – LETHBRIDGE HERALD – apulido@lethbridgeherald.com

Even though Halloween is fast approaching, there is still plenty of time to put a costume together and enjoy the festivities, whether it’s based on classical horror or the latest movie. 

Spirit Halloween sales associate Sarah Burton says it’s has been great seeing members of the community stop by and get into the halloween spirit and enjoying their animatronics, while choosing their costume for this year’s celebrations. 

“This year the trend for kids has definitely be anything inflatable, Wednesday Addams, Barbie and Pokémon, while some stick to superheroes, and then of course the horror, because everybody loves a good scream,” says Burton. 

She says many people continue to look for the classics when it comes to scaring others for Halloween, with Chucky and Elm Street being as popular as ever. 

Burton says they assort their store based on the latest trends of movies or shows on streaming services while still offering people’s favourites like vampires, witches, devils and anything you would find in a cemetery. And almost every year is different as they change locations based on what is available to them each year. 

“I think in the 14 years of being open we’ve been in 10 different spots, so this one (across from Lowes Home Improvement on Mayor Magrath Drive South) probably honestly is one of my top three favourite spots that we’ve been in, it’s so bright and open and the parking lot is great so there’s no issues with parking.” 

She says in that time they have come to know many members of the community who have become regular visitors, and they have had the opportunity to see children grow as they continue to come to the store with their parents every year. 

“We have have what we call regulars and some of them  started coming when they were two or three and they ran in the door and hit every animatronic and they come back like two or three times a week.” 

Burton says she particularly enjoys listening to the children laugh when they get scared or the occasional squeal when they are taken by surprise. 

“For the most part everybody’s here to have fun. It’s funny to see some of the grownups have fun as well by trying on masks or trying to scare their partners around the corners.” 

She says Halloween is the time of the year people seem happy and want to have fun and find a way to escape reality for a bit. 

“I think for a lot of people Halloween has become more than just a day with cosplay becoming so popular and dressing up being a little bit more mainstream. In general people are coming in and they’re getting things for their everyday.” 

And even though a lot of people are facing financial difficulties, having the store open since August provided plenty of time for people to slowly put their outfits together, making it a bit easier on them financially. 

“People come in and they’ll get one piece at a time sometimes. Some may get their main costume first and they come back for their wig and accessories later. We have found a lot of that this year, where people aren’t coming in and getting all at once, but they’re just putting it together one piece at a time, to make it easier on their pockets.”

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